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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry christmas!

Yey! I think this is the most expensive christmas ever! Lol but i got everybody what they wanted so im pretty happy bout that and i also got what i wanted :) i got a bose speaker coz i left mine back home so bf bought me another one, a smaller one actually and much more portable, i was contemplating if ill get the ps3 instead but i got a sign that i should get the bose first, its the last box they have so i was like, u know what ill get the ps3 next time :) all in all it's a good day everybody had fun. Got kuya mike the biggest patron ever!

Then we went to ate beng's party too! I saw my kuya rodney and pretty bella oh my she's sooo big now!!!

We also played drinking games at kuya mike, the what the f*ck game it was fun until everybody's starting to get real tipsy from all the shots!

Then we went home and opened our gifts,


We got ate mhel the keurig coffee maker, lol she was soo excited to use it.

Then i also got bheb some tints for his car, :)

Anyway i had a great christmas and hopefully new year will bring
More fun and more blessings!!

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Friday, December 23, 2011


YouTube Video

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The 23rd

Yey one more tulog christmas eve na! I wish im home right now but oh well.! I miss everyone :(

Here at thr living room right now just got done wrapping gifts!

Look at the mess i made!

Anyway i visited my old job today it was nice seeing people i used to work with before. Then i went to the mall to do more shopping @_@ woah it was crazy! Too many people there everybody is rushing for the big day buying gifts and grocery shopping for food.

All in all i had a great day off, tom should be fun when i get out of work shower then straight to my cousin's house for fooooddd!
Nom nom nom.


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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

First year dialysis nurse

Yey it's been a year already? I feel like i just started! I had a great year. I feel so blessed to actually have this job that i love and always looking forward to see my patients and co workers. What can i say? Everything's going good and i plan to keep it this way.. More and more years to come.. Hope to learn more each day. Next month il be going to tennessee for preceptor training @_@ im nervous and excited at the same time but i hope it's fun more responsibilities for me.

Today i brought my aunt's car to get a remote car starter installed so its easier for her during this winter season. Thats gemoy and I xmas gift to her since she already have so much stuffs!

On the other note i cooked one of my favorite food, bistek tagalog <3 been eating out for the past weeks i think it's time to stop being lazy and do some cooking :)

Well that 's my day today a day off well spent!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas tree <3

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Shopping and Christmas party

Oh my started the day shopping for christmas gifts! Too many people no parking available n its freezing outside but i was able to shop enough need to go back wednesday to complete our list!

On the other note, We had our christmas party yesterday with my co workers n of course its sooo fun!! We all had a great time. Russian food and lots of booze!!

Then afterwards me n jose went to chelsea's house to play beer pong and take note i beat jose's ass which is a great achievement for me lol! I had a great time !

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Starting to shop for xmas

So we have christmas party for co workers this coming saturday and its gonna be fun! We have exchange gift portion which is worth 20 bucks. Oh my! I started buying some stuffs for the house like candles and some lotions, hand soap @ bath and body works. I have this weekend to continue my last minute shopping hopefully i'll finish' this weekend is going to be hectic! @_@
This is what im planning to wear but maybe ill settle for another dress!

New stiletto!

Need to be in bed sooooon! I got home early today but my body just feel soooo tired that i fell asleep at the couch! I took like a almost 2 hrs nap so its not bad.. Went to the mall, had a quick free time for myself and tom back to work! Last day thank God

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Got an award today.. For doing a great job i guess? Wow few more days ill be one year as a dialysis nurse and im happy! I love my job and people that i worked with, i love the patients my schedule my boss.. Everything is perfect! And this? Wow i was surprised when she handed this to me earlier.

-Thank you Lord for everything :)

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Monday, December 12, 2011

14 episodes

I finished 14 episodes of one tree hill today. im such a loser! Stayed home watch and Just ate all day.. Its relaxing tho.. Oh well.. I need to go to bed really soon! Its 4am and im still wide awake. Don't wanna be in bed whole day tom.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Moe's, my work day etc.

Nyaha! Too late my plate was empty already when i took the pic! Oh well food is good in this place it's like mexican version of subway... Food is fresh ;) my bheb and i had dinner since we never really get to eat out recently coz we're trying to save money and im basically broke! Thanks to my soooo expensive car starter @_@ but i love it, i love how my car is soo warm and comfortable especially during morning time when im leaving for work!

I had a short day at work! 8hrs and it was good too not too stressed out which scares me for tom @_@ lol it gets so stressful in some pods oh well last day so it should be quiet *wishing*

Reminded me of the other day when i was on the same pod, my whole morning was quiet and calm then in the afternoon one patient crashed with bp of 69/50 unresponsive opened the saline bag gave around 300 still no response i was just shaking all over then i can hear secretions in her throat so scared she will aspirate i grabbed the suction by then patient became responsive after maybe 800cc of saline. Oh well what a day!

Anyway its a good day overall no complaints! And oh i just love being able to blog more often!! :)

Hahah bheb sleeping already! Knocked out <3

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Just memories

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Goodluck going to bed

Arggggh still wide awake, i made a video earlier and its actually pretty cool :)

Compilation of video clips and pics from the whole 3 weeks i was there.

Anyway today i just stayed home, starting to watch one tree hill again since im done watching all the new series that i have been really addicted to, and also i bought an inspirational book called chicken soup for the nurse soul. I read the first 3 stories and it was nice, now im just lying in bed trying to fall asleep as quickly as i can since i have work tom! I need to be sleeping by now but here i am blogging! I actually like that i can blog from my phone it's much more easier!

Anyway hitting the sack got to have a lot of energy for tom :)

-There's my bheb playing his xbox

Nytie nyt!

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Monday, December 5, 2011

So awake

It's 1:20 am and im still up 😱 did laundry, ironed my uniforms, vacuum the house, still have so much energy! Well i slept for 13 hours earlier that's why. Aggrrr i ruined my sleeping pattern again, ive been watching walking dead and im on the 2nd season :) so addicted but im more addicted to vampire diaries i can't wait for the next episode that will be aired on the 5th of january! Im way too excited.

Anyway i forgot to mention last sunday we had an event at work for our patients it was really fun! A little jazz concert performed by group that consist of kids and they are very tAlented, we had some food served for everybody and it was a success!

On the other note, Yesterday ate gemma went back to arizona :( don't know when she'll visit us again...

Anyway i think im starting to get sleepy,, back to work tom then wednesday off isn't that great ?! Lovin life.

Goodnight yall 😘-

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thai food

So the other night we tried to go have some thai food, a co worker told me that food there is really good so i was so eager to try... I hade chicken mango. Their appetizers were good i like the chicken stewers ( satay ) i think thats what they called it, then the chicken dumplings.

My bheb had beef with broccoli. And for dessert we had fried banana with ice cream.

Honestly i didn't like the chicken mango, fruit and meat doesn't taste good together, it just taste weird and nasty for me but i ate all the mango slices even if it was warm. I will never order anything like that anymore lol! But we were supposed to have some margaritas afterward but i was just too tired @_@ too bad.. Anyway fun night for me..

Till next time :)


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