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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

road trip :)

yey i have something to blog! OUR ROAD TRIP. we've been planning for a trip for a long time now and finally it happened! it was a short one but at least we had a chance to do it! we went to NY to see MOMA (museum of modern art) it was so nice in there and there's a lot of people so be sure to go there early! and if you can buy tickets online pelase do so, it will save you time and skips the super long line! Ticket price was $20. Took lots of pics and here are some of my faves:

after NY, we dropped by at Newark NJ to go to the filipino store and oh my i got really excited! hahaha seeing a lot of filipinos and all filipino snacks and food! i was gonna get my red ribbon mango cake but it's going to go bad because i have no choice but to put it inside the trunk or carry it on my lap... oh well next time :)

then we went to atlantic city, NJ :) it's like mini vegas oh my! the view at night? awesome! clubs and bars too! so many people @_@ drinks are expensive, so prepare your wallets and cards :) I almost forgot my ID! good thing bf asked me if i have my ID and i realized i left it. hmmmp so we had to ask the driver to go back. we rented a cab that way we don't have to worry about who's the designated driver. and oh my there's so many NO U TURNS road. they have designated roads for you to make U turns and that really sucks because it makes the trip longer. We got wasted and we had fun!

The next morning after 20 mins on the road headin to seaside heights i realized my wallet was not in my purse i panicked got so pissed and i was sooooo mad because now we have to drive back and it took another hour just to get back to the hotel then back to the highway and it was my fault for not checking again if i have all my stuff. I am so pissed that i have a really bad memory @_@ ahhhrrrg! anyway even after that we managed to arrived safely at the famous JERSEY SHORE lol. seaside park to be exact. we were trying to find the jersey shore house but we just cant find it plus the weather is not really cooperating, it was sunny but so damn cold! we played arcade games and it was really fun! plus i won a DOMOKUN doll the big one so I'm really happy :)

all in all it was a fun ride, a little drama and some interruptions but for me it was nice to do that at least once in a while. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

work. life. updates

hi blog! :) sorrrrrrrryyy it's been a while!  I know i promised this year will be better but I've been missing day @_@ i don't even know where to start to update you...

been very busy laely or if not just tired and not in the mood. Sometimes I'm just so stressed out and drained when I get home from work. It's not that I don't like my job, i super love it but there's so much responsibilities and it's just crazy @_@. i miss my old folks at the nursing home now that I'm working @ the dialysis center i have less time to work there. 

Everyday you get to prolong a life. People with no kidneys functioning or at least minimal. Few young ones and it scares me to death. Most of them are real nice... :) Did i mention crying at work? yeah. I know I'm a cry baby. 

Was all stressed out and overwhelmed that i just burst into tears. It's not because i got frustrated and wanted to quit but I was just stressed out that I can't do enough for everybody at that minute. i had 3 patients agitated and asking me where are they going to sit down (just got back from class don't know seating arrangement + there's still patients on their chairs getting dialyzed), 3 machines beeping all at the same time and one patient yelling at me because she wants her needle out, Ora mismo! 

5 minutes later... patient said to me: "everything's gonna be alright, you'll see. Events like this makes you stronger.." and then here i Go again tears just rushed down my face. I was wearing a facemask and all covered with tears lol. I'm such a cry baby. But you know what? that day truly made me stronger, i get stressed out during turnovers but not to the point that i would break down.

anyway. blog is getting longer! updates updates!
since my fb is more updated I'll just post the pics of different happenings!


Feb. 09 ate deans BDAY!

 Mall date with love :)

Freestyle Extravaganza

yey slot machines!

my new tat :) finished!

ellie :)


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