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Monday, January 19, 2009

Bye Bye Na.... but yeah see you again?

well goodbyes are always sad but sometimes you have to think about the positive side why it happens... I don't want to sound really dramatic but yeah I hate when people leave. One friend told me that I am so unfair because Its okay for me to leave people behind other than seeing people leave.

What I love about Airports is first, Somebody special is coming or second, your leaving for a vacation trip.

Gemoy left CT last sunday morning to go live in Tampa, Florida for good (i guess) which I think is a best decision for her but I felt really sad I even had some crying moments the day before she left. We grew up together, shared friends, have same interests.

I don't want to blame anybody for her decision not to stay here because I know things happen for a reason and maybe sometimes it has to be not so good to place you in a much better destination...

It's not a forever goodbye thing but It's more of a Goodbye-for-now thing... "I might" move in to Florida too... the pictures that gemoy sent are really interesting... I love that the apartment got a swimming pool and i love the kitchen, the room and the couch ahahha and I LOVE HOT WEATHER! im so Over and done with this super cold season it's making me lazy! but the thing is when I make big decisions i have to think about my family first... and things are not as easy for me because I support my family and they can be affected if things won't turn the way we want it if i move.

and I was thinking about my things hahahaha I know all of this won't fit in two bags and it will cost me a lot! but yeah Im thinking about moving... it's time for me to be MORE independent. lol

well my 2 days off were quite alarming... hahah i haven't read any of my books and I didn't go to my review class last sunday coz it's snowing so hard... well I know everything's gonna be okay... I slept all day long today hahahaha....

I cleaned my closet last sunday and i was surprised how many clothes i have that still have TAGS on it. hahaha That's what I discovered about myself recently when I really like something like a shirt or a dress it comes to the point that I don't even wanna wear it. I don't know if other girls are the same but yeah it's like the occasion needs to be really important or special for me to wear them ahahhaha lol.

Oh well for sure I'm gonna sleep really late today coz i had a lot of sleep the whole day...

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