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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Monday, July 8, 2013

Swimming today :)

Had fun today the pool so warm and I love it!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Just updates! Gym. Bday.

Hey! Im back! Lol ive been very busy and I fell bad about not blogging for a really long time! So whats new? Im back on track! I actually started to work out again and this time ive been really motivated, the fats in my belly is what I really want to disappear and it's getting harder and harder so im back to eating clean as much as I can! Pls visit I love cassey ho! She's very inspiring and the workouts are insane!!!

Bought a protein shake and also my pre work out drink which really works!!! Esp after work I don't have any energy to go to the gym and this really helps me a lot, I just hate the tingling feeling it gives to my face and arms but other than I can lift 20% more and also do more cardio. All that after working 10hrs!

It was bheb bday celeb last sunday we set up a cook out with friends at wickham park and it was fun, played beerpong and just relax and bond.

im looking forward to take as much overtime as I can for our upcoming vacation. Philippines here we come! :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Red turban

The turban challenge lol

Grilling at julian's place

After work we went to julians place to have dinner, we grilled hotdogs and burgers! Wed had fun :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Oh thursday!

Chicken adobo!!! With white rice lol I think it's been a month since I had white rice we've been eating a lot of brown rice lately.. or spanish rice lol

I had a busy day at work but not that stressful.. 2 more days then im off! Cant wait :)

Oh gemoy got her macbook yesterday !

I really need to go back going to the gym :/

Work. Pho. Bestbuy. Yogurt

Work was okay and fast today lol. Hopefully tomorrow as well, got home and took some pics of the tree in front of our condo, some of the petals are on the ground and it looked really pretty :)

We had dinner at pho only four of us, maria, michelle, julian and me. Then we went to bestbuy to look around, maria's planning to get a macbook but then we'll get it tomo instead then after that went to get frozen yogurt at the mall.. now just chillin at home watching be careful with my heart! ♥

Monday, May 6, 2013

Cinco de mayo!

I think it's my first time to celebrate this event coz usually im working lol we went to meet friends at plaza azteca in manchester, they had an outdoor event but it was just way too cold for us to stay out plus im still sick and I don' t really want it to get worse..
We had dinner and I ordered beef chicken and shrimp fajita and bheb got quesadilla, after that I decided to stay home and rest while bheb and josh went back at azteca.

IT's Already MAYYYYYY!

wth?! My last blog post was March! damn! can't believe I missed the whole month of april not blogging! Not even one time! Anyways! Update update update!?

Well for the past month and a half I've been working a lot of overtime and picking up hours on other clinics as well, I actually said yes to working in New Haven for every thursday of the month of April, which really was tough working 13hrs shifts and driving 50mins one way. Well Thank God that was over with because honestly i don't think i want to ever come back.

I've been hanging out with a couple of co workers the past weeks, eating out, our normal $5 tuesday movie night, pho night or whatever fast food we can think of. We also hang out on weekends too.  Last March we had a Balut Night Challenge. I challenge one of my co workers to eat BALUT and he did! lol

Highlights of April was KIDNEY WALK, we actually encouraged our coworkers to join kidney walk, and compared last year a lot of people actually attended. We had a picnic after, and also a surprised BDay cake for Kateryna! (Icing fight happened) 

I also started to try eating healthy, I bought a NutriBUllet (basically a blender) to help me out with my consumption of fruits and veggies but i wasn't able to really mix veggies with fruits every time i make one and i smell the spinach in it i want to puke. LOL I honestly rather eat it. :)

Anyway, ill try to keep up with my blogging especially now that i bought a new phone!!!!

I love apple but seriously they need to do something about upgrading their phones they need to catch up with new features and such. I don't upgrade often i really try to wait for something that will really amaze me, this phone actually is something worth it to have, ive been waiting for a phone that will do a lot more. PLUS i like how i have my SD card slot back as well as i can watch my pinoy movies with no issues (flash player).

Anyway follow me on instagram :) prettyrosedale

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My wednesdAy

My sweet patient bought a bag of starburst and separated all the red starburst and gave it to me because he knows i love the red ones. :)

Massage!!! I think i found the perfect masseuse for me. It was so good that i fell asleep lol. It was very relaxing...

Went to target to get some groceries coz i need to eat real food. Cooked fried chicken and pasta :)

While grocery shopping,I found my favorite soup and i just had to get it! Excited to try it out if it really taste the same...

I also bought vitamins for my hair and nails., hopefully this will help.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

I can't sleep

It's almost 1am and i am still wide awake. Having a glass of milk right now and hoping it will help me out, im afraid to take some nyquil coz i might not wake up on time for work. I have to be up at 430 to get ready and here I am still up and blogging :(

I was tossing and turning for about an hour earlier but still not sleepy. This is the disadvantage of requesting long weekends. My body clock is messed up.

Maybe i should start counting sheeps...

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

I made my keurig work!! Lol

I have been going to starbucks and dunkin donut a lot!! And thats not good, my cousin gave me a keurig almost 2 years ago and i love it! But then lazyness kicks in and i wasn't able to use it for a while. I didn't know you had to descale it every three to six months and also clean the filters so it doesn't get clogged up. Oh well! So this morning i decided to give my keurig some love but for some reason it would just say "brewing" but nothing's coming out and it's just making noises but not really brewing so of course i started panicking. I called the customer service and they asked me if i ever watched the maintenance videos they have in their site and of course i said no so she said to try that option first and if my keurig still doesn't work to call them back.

So i cleaned the filter but didn't do the descaling since it's not taking any water at all so it wouldn't make sense to do that. So i cleaned the filter instead with the help of a paperclip (which they advised to use) i did all that and still my keurig won't work. I was getting really frustrated and decided to give them a call back, since my warranty is over the lady just offered me a $100 off (which is really nice) but i was really mad bec it was a gift to me and i don't really want to throw it away, so i searched online for other ways..

So i found this website that said if everything else fails try to remove the water reservoir and the flip the keurig upside down and give it a few "slap at the butt" lol so i did it the first time and still didn't work but i didn't give up so i tried it again but with a little bit more force still not working so i decided to descale it using vinegar even if it doesn't really take any water. So i put the white vinegar turned on my keurig wait a little while to let the water heat up then hit brew still no result did it again and finally!!! It started brewing! Lol i almost gave up but i didn't so there u go i have my keurig back!!!! Brewed most of the vinegar down till the "add water" showed up then i rinsed the water reservoir and kept my keurig on for 4hours (watch the maintenace video at the keurig website on how to descale ur keurig).

Now im very very happy.. ;)

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Vacation: Puerto Rico

oh well took me a week to write a blog about our trip from PR. I must say i really had a lot of fun. I actually don't know where to start! lol
The preparation was a little crazy coz i have to find cheap/reasonable tickets and also the place to stay. We rented a vacation rental this time instead of staying in the hotel. I think we really saved money on doing that. Anyways after weeks of searching and multiple inquiries i found one that is reasonable and also by the beach and close to everything and to starbucks as well!
 Coral beach apartments. Literally by the beach. It's a big apartment complex and have amenities like gym and an olympic sized pool which is very clean btw and also a kid's pool. The owner was really nice i thought it was a scam at first because she was asking me for the whole payment before we even get there unlike some of the inquiries i did which only ask for the deposit but whatever i just paid with my credit card and prayed it's not a scam or anything like that. Called her the night i made my first payment she got back at me the next morning.
The apartment was located at Isla Verde, Carolina. About 5-10mins from the airport (SJU). Everything is expensive or basically same price in the US since it's located at the tourist area. Meals costs about $7-15 each when you eat out. We have a kitchen at the apartment and we bought groceries at the supermarket nearby. We made breakfast for the 2 mornings we were there.

Isla Verde

Our 2nd day, we had our breakfast by a restaurant near the shore. Then we went swimming by the pool and at the beach we also rented jet skies and had fun at the banana boat. To rent a Jetski for hal an hour it cost about $70 they were having a promo so they gave it to us for 50bucks which is still expensive but worth it. I was able to see a big turtle while we were jet skiing.

3rd day was swimming at the pool and drinks very relaxing. The trip to culebra was cancelled d/t the big waves.

after half day of swimming we decided to have our dinner and visit old san juan. We ended up visiting Castillo de San Cristobal.

 The View

4th day: Culebra Trip.
What a beautiful island. We first went to Tamarindo Beach which is really for snorkeling but because of the big waves and the wind, the captain advised that it wasn't too safe to go snorkeling there. So we went to the other side of the island, not much of corals but it was a good time to practice snorkeling since i haven't done it for a really wrong time. I think this one of the highlight of my trip. It was a rough travel to the island bec of the big waves but it was sooo worth it.

East Island Excursions 

 We had some drinks and snacks at the boat while on our way to culebra.



Flamenco Beach, Culebra

 On our way to culebra we saw a Humpback whale and her baby. It was awesome!!!

5th day: El Yunque Rainforest + Bioluminescent bay
So the 5th day we decided to take the combo tour to El yunque and Fajardo Bio Bay (Kayaking at night)
I was upset because my gopro was acting up i wasn't able to record the night tour and the guys advised us not to bring our cameras when we go kayaking coz it might get wet and damaged. The rainforest was really nice. It was a 45 mins one way hike. Wasn't too bad. Me and my love had a good bonding moment. He was my personal photographer lol. I took a dip n the waterfalls and oh my it was wayy too cold for me. We laso met new people. A nice lady which looks very young for her age. She traveled to a lot of different places i was quite jealous. And there's a also another couple with us. It was kinda nice to have a very small group. The tour guide was also nice to feed us trivia and information about the coqui frogs and the rainforest. The early tour was cancelled so they combined us with the later group around 830pm. we were done with the forest around 5pm so the driver brought us to Luquillo area where all the Kiosks (little stores) are. We had our dinner there and oh my!!!! so good. They we 60 kiosks. A long strip of food place and stores. We went to eat at kiosk #2 La Parrilla
Seafood was fresh and just taste good! I had a very expensive meal so i really pushed hard to finish all of it.

THE FOOD! I wish i took pics of all the food esp the very special quesadilla we had at El taquito. (A mexican resto) but i was too hungry lol :) In the philippines, almost all the meal comes with rice, In PR almost everything comes with Plantains.



Mahi Mahi

Steak Mofongo


Kayaking at night going to Laguna Bay (Bio Bay) was tiring but super fun. I never kayaked before. Jose and I were struggling at first but eventually we were like a pro! lol. It was full moon the mangroves are pretty with the light coming from the moon but the down side of it is you can't really see the microorganisms much but with the help of the tarp that the tour guides gave us it helped us see the glowing microorganisms. It was just amazing that the water will glow as soon as there's movement. This is their defense mechanisms against predators but they are not doing very well because by doing that they are actually attracting them. Let the water run in your arms and you can see them more clearly. Like mini light bulbs. There are only 5 Bioluminescent bay in the world, 3 is located in PR. If you go to PR this is a must see if you have the time go to the Vieques Island one because that bay is protected very well.
I had a really great time! I can say this is one of the best vacation ever!


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