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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our weekend get away

just us two <3

well we won a free trip this summer @ six flags, people were handling some scratch tickets and of course there's always a catch! but whatever, this is the second time we "won" so might as well give it a try, in order to get your "free trip" you have to go to Oak n Spruce Resort MA, and sit for a 90 min presentation, I was thinking it was some powerpoint stuff, so first of all we are going to be checked in a hotel, which is for our case the comfort inn suite at Berkshire MA. We are going to pay 90$ for processing fee or something, but that $90 +tax they will give us 40$ Visa card and 3 days to night free stay in the said hotel +3days 2nights stay in one of 25 cities of choice. So i was thinking $90 bucks which is basically $50 bucks for a hotel stay ok why not try. SO after that i received calls from them and some mails to set up the vacation i figured to go dec but something came up and we moved it to Jan, Btw it's not true that you can go "Whenever" coz they set up this presentations at certain dates so you have to work with the person who will call you when is the best time for both parties.

SO we went the hotel we stayed was nice, we upgraded our room which cost us another $45/night but it's just i felt like it'say more better than the ones they're going to give us. Breakfast was continental, i just didn't like the fake scrambled eggs and the refrigerated boiled eggs but the do it yourself waffles are fantastic! lol

Our first night, we arrived at the hotel around 4:30 checked in and then went out to find a place to eat i was craving for sea food so bad, so we checked this place out

it was ok not that great but everything was prepared fresh :)

then we went for a swim at the hotel they have nice pool and a whirlpool which i really loved!

then we got hungry again! hahahahahha i think we can never escape fast food huh?

Then we bought alcohol, a small bottle of henney and patron and 6 pack of smirnoff.

The next day was our scheduled presentation at 10 30, we drove to Oak n spruce resort and soembody came up to us escorted us to the were all other people are, then started the "presentation" this guy talked to us about their offers, it's like timeshare but not, so i was sure i don't want to get it simply because i don't think it's worth it, down payment and monthly payment and all that stuffs my advice is if you don't want to get straight up say at the first place ur not interested at all that way they don't have to call all this people in to taking to you and offering you "greater deals"

after that we received our vacation voucher and the $40 visa which i used for gas lol and the vacation voucher i don't know yet when we will use it or where we will g and also a free day pass at the resort. we got there at 10 30am we left around almost 2 so it's not a 90mins process trust me, but the guys who talked to us was nice and entertaining. i felt pressured tho.

anyway after that we went to Lee Outlet few miles up the road, got some swim suit, hoodies and shirts at aero sweats. Arrgghhh went shopping again hmppp! but i saved a lot tho they had a lot of sale going on, people are nice too...

we ate lunch at the foodcourt i had some hotdog sandwhich and fries and he got a slice of pizza

then took a nap.

Dinner at Berkshire Brewery! oh my food is awesome!

then went swimming again, just sucks that i was able to use the new swim suit i bought since they forgot to take off the alarm lock so i had to go back the next day for them to take it out,

the next morning we went to friendly's for breakfast then checked out ski butternut which is just few miles up the road from the hotel if only we had our snow suit. :(

anyway when we got back from Mass, we watched UNDERWORLD the awakening, and it was a good movie!

it wasn't a extravagant far away place but we did enjoyed ourselves, just us two.. we always had road trips with our friends but never alone so we really had fun and get to spend quality time together.

All in ALL i had a great weekend! 

Lucid dreaming 1/26/12

I fell asleep last night way too early i didn't even had the chance to charge my phone, maybe i was just too tired been working everyday for long hours. Anyway, i had a weird dream last night, i went home and surprised step, cindy and kem and i was wondering how the hell am I home and i suddenly got really worried, coz first i can't afford this vacation right now then i didn't file any leave at work and also my bf's going to kill me coz i didn't bring him again with me. Then i was thinking i need to get back as soon as possible coz i have work the next day but for some reason there's no available ticket going back, and then Tom Brady (patriots quarterback) texted me saying he'll buy me the ticket to go back, that's when i realized i was dreaming... Then i told myself i need to wake up soon or ill be late for work coz i remember not setting up my alarm... I have the weirdest dreams sometimes especially when i sleep too long, different scenes and it feels like they're real, sometimes even nightmares. And i always remember them so vividly, i also realized im a lucid dreamer, i know exactly when i'm dreaming and i get to control it. It's like i remember my dreams but i suck remembering daily normal stuffs like where did i last put my stethoscope or my wallet. small things i forget but i always remember my dreams and i always dream everyday! even when i just take a nap for 20mins. That's why sometimes it confuses me if some of my childhood memories are dreams or they really happened. I don't know if this is a good thing but i have been like this since i was little. Anyway i think i will make a dream journal to keep track of the stuffs ive been dreaming. On the other note tom my bheb and I will have a short road trip to mass, our first weekend getaway just us two <3 29months -Don’t ever regret anything, because at one point it was exactly what you wanted.

Lucid dream #2

last night i saw you again. I was in the living room lying down in the couch then mama went home from somewhere, she said. "anak tignan mo sinong kasama ko" i was surprised, you had the same haircut, no facial hair with your light blue shirt and light brown shorts. it was raining outside you were folding ur umbrella as you entered our door. and i came up to you and hugged you soooo tight. I said, "kainis ka, miss na miss kita bakit ngyon ka lang ngparamdam? and you said, "sensya na hirap tumakas eh galit na galit na nga sa text". I was like, ganun ba eh naging family mo naman kami besides i just want to see you! it's been a while. Then you kept showing me her messages and she was so upset i said, maybe you need to go home and you told me, it's fine, pagod na ko. sana tyo nalang ulit noh?

right there, i stopped and i said I'm totally dreaming right now. i will never see that same person again, the same smile the kindness and caring heart. you're dead to me a long time ago. it felt good tho that i saw that same person again after a while, so i just played the scenes and kinda cheated making the dream totally controlled by me then I woke up and got disappointed. oh yes I'm 100% sure it was a dream. a really good dream.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

If you mess up, 'fess up.

A lot of things scares me, and one of those is responsibility. When I am given a certain task that accompanies great responsibilities, it scares the hell out of me. I just feel like what if i mess up? what if I am not the right person? all negative things then i just try to convince myself everything's gonna be alright no matter what i just have to put my effort, i just have to get over that certain fear.

Well how about you? how do you cope? every person has their own way overcoming such instances. I think I am more braver than I thought I am. 

Well everyday is a challenge especially at work. I can't still believe that my decisions are important, that doctors hear me out when i tell him suggestions about my patient or that somebody needs my signature bec they can't proceed without it. It's those mature stuffs that just freaks me out sometimes i feel like I am really OLD! lol

I think maybe because I'm such a goof, i fool around and joke all the time and im used to people not taking me seriously back home haha well it's a new life time to be more mature and professional.

Anyway seriousness aside, it was a great day today. Pariots win and will go to Superbowl. I think that's one thing that's "americanized" in me is watching football, i didn't watch sports back home because it's just plain boring for me but my cousin told me to start watching it and thought me bout the game. So i started watching it with him and got so into it but only when it's getting near the championship hahaha. i just want to be able to experience super bowl. The way I would described it, superbowl here is like Pacquiao having a fight where all filipinos try to watch and support him of course. It's nearly the same thing! Pretty much like a BEER DAY! wohoooo! 

Oh well I'm runnign out of interesting things to say! hahaha i wasn't able to blog yesterday i fell asleep again for I am soooo tired! didn't even do grocery shopping and just went out to friendlys to eat with gemoy, we both had milshake and fried chicken with mashed potatoes and corn. Then went to the mall to get me a pair of gloves coz this cold weather sucks especially when im trying to clean up my car every snow fall.

PS. Thank BHEB for my Patriots JERSEY :) love you....

Friday, January 20, 2012


means "kinikilig" lol yun pala english word nun? ahhahaha... anyway i was watching the latest episode of my all time favorite series VAMPIRE DIARIES and i was titillating/kinikilig (oh my it doesn't sound right to me hahaha) in the scene where she told stephan that she kissed DAMON. you can see it on his face that he got hurt >.< *sigh* Elena is a lucky girl. lol

okay stop with the spoiler! hahaha if you haven't watch this series let me tell, go start watching it! it's not just about pure drama/love dilemma stuffs it's better that Twilight! lol

Among vampire shows, the thing that differs TVD from twilight, the story doesn't just center the leading lady, or the love team there's a lot of action going on and a lot of twists in the story that's really unexpected and unpredictable and of course i know movies is much limited so i can't really compare the two but if you love twilight, you'll definitely will like TVD, or if you hate twilight but love vampire stories and mysteries go watch TVD.!

on the other note, i had a good day at work today, we have a project right now for our clinic and I chose to participate since last year i wasn't able to bec i was just starting. I'm excited actually.

And I'm crossing my finger to get approved to go to Davita Academy which will be held in Dallas, Texas in March! this is a great opportunity. I am so thrilled! then next is Preceptor training in Brentwood, Tennessee. Maybe April? awwww... Then planning a getaway vacation with my love somewhere far!!! like i said i wish to go places this year. Just grabbing all opportunities while i still could.

anyway tom ill be in charge at the clinic so i need to get some good rest and pray that I'll have a smooth day tom.! also need to wake up early to maybe shovel if the snow gets bad this morning! I hope not! I can't afford to have anymore late punch ins. :p

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I wwnt to work today instead of staying home for my off id rather keep myself busy than sleep all day until i get a headache oh how i hate that..

I was the charge nurse for a couple of hours and it was all good no issues all day, after that i was able to chart my monthly nursing notes then i went home after!

I finally got my pink controller! Oh how i love it! Hahaa took some pictures earlier with my game suit on! Yay! Soo bored since my bheb is trying to take nap.. I made chicken and then watched oth then played mw3 as usual.. Im getting better im actually enjoying the game now that i'm familiar with some of the maps..

Hhmm can't wait for my off.. Sunday please come soon! Excited for patriots and ravens game!!!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bloody and snowy day

Oh my i was sooo tired yesterday that i wasn't able to blog, i guess i can skip a day ? I even fell asleep on the couch thats how tired i was, i was forced to do 12hrs shift since i had an incident at work, never celebrate 5 mins before u punch out bec something might happen!! Lol i was about to go home when one of my pt's access bled inside her car with her caregiver and husband, they were about to drive home when the caregiver called me and i had to run outside and check her, oh my! This poor little old lady bled like crazy it was blood all over so i put pressure and tried to grab her out the car to go inside the clinic and ofcourse even this old lady was so tiny she got some weight and have difficultly ambulating so we carried her out the car to go inside the clinic put pressure, saline bag and mann let me tell you, i showered with blood thank God i was still on my lab gown facemask but i didnt get to save my crocs and the lower part of my pants i look like i got shot, anyway in the end she was fine but had to go to ER for evaluation, thanks to old scrub suit we had i was able to change her clothes and my pants too! :) it was a crazy end of my day thanks for the help of my co workers.

After i got home we went to grab dinner at boston market since gemoy is craving chicken, i had bagels on my way home from work bec i was starving and can't wait anymore, i need something or ill pass out while driving, then after that we played modern warfare and we didnt even realize it was snowing outside!!! It was soooo pretty, it's my first snow fall this year :)

Today is my day off nothing special just watched one tree hill the whole day then brought dinner for bheb at work, and i had fast food too for dinner.

I made fried rice tho for tom :)

Tell me it looks good! Lol

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ravens @_@

Ravens Won today meaning they're going to play Patriots next sunday! i can't wait! what's more exciting about it? I'm a patriot fan and he's a die hard ravens fan. Whoever wins I'll still be happy but it's gonna be an exciting game for me and boyfriend oh I know how he hates losing! hahaha... I had a great weekend off with him. We played MW3 together, watch movies, spent quality time together that's all i need <3 I bought my pink controller and i can't wait to get it in the mail this coming week.

We've been planning a great vacation getaway this coming april but don't know where yet.! thinking bout bahamas! yey! but he needs to get a passport! hmmp. anyway i want to see the beach, a warm one since i didn't really get to go to the beach when i went home...

I'm also starting the process of petitioning my mom so she could come here... i hope it's not that expensive... >.< anyway i can't wait to bring her here...

what else? hmmmm great weekend, back to work tom! then off on tuesday :) till then... babush!

P.S watched Vampire Diaries and Pretty little liars. can't wait for the next episode!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Patriots baby!

My team won today! Hell yeah! Hahah i only watch playoffs and superbowl so yeah im pretty happy! I hope they go in for

Anyway had a good day off slept long then went to j&gs for eric's birthday then went to kuya mike's to watch football after that back to the house made a drink for both of us and bonding moment playing mw3..

1 more night then back to work, can't wait for my weekend vaca with my bheb on the 27th, quality time together!! Wohooo hope that we'll have fun.

Anyway need go to bed baltimore plays tom and that's my bheb's team so need to see it coz if they win they play patriots which means we have to go against each other!!

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

Woah this day is interesting @_@ everybody's being more careful for me it's just another day :) Weekend off!!! Hell yeah can't wait to watch the patriots game tom! Im kinda upset that i missed 2 nights not blogging! Grrrrr but it was worth it coz i spent my day with my bheb grocery shopping watching movies and of course playing MW3 lol like we played today and it was fun! We had burger king for dinner since i don't have energy to cook or prepare something to eat! Right now just lying here in bed blogging watching him play boxing :) oh i love days off like this <3

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I don't have to fake a smile

At work, some days are stressful, busy, toxic or exhausting well most jobs are, you're going crazy trying to finish and catch up with all the things u need to do, assessments, meds and interventions to complications during dialysis tx, sometimes there's too much going and u forget to smile or pay attention to ur patients. Then, out of the blue, a patient will say something really nice and u know it's from their heart and everything goes away, all the stress just disappears right there. You think you the one making them better but actually my patients taught me to become a better person, they taught me to become more patient, and more understanding, they challenge me to widen my knowledge when they ask me questions. well i have my days that i get irritated and some patients that just get into my nerves, But to have more good people to take care of? I think its all worth it. I don't have to fake a smile. The hugs, the smile and thank you's are enough to keep me going for another day. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Monday, January 9, 2012

Pink controller

Ahhhh so hard to find it unless i order it online but im freakin impatient i want it now, if i order it online it would take 3 days or more. Anyway i moved on for now, ill get it next week for now i got myself a gaming chair for a very good deal, i was able to redeem myrewards so i had almost 40$ off... Then gemoy got us zumba belts for the wii..

Then we played mw3 for a little bit and i think im getting better haha I miss my bheb i cant wait for his day off!!

Btw! I got a boo boo stab myself deep with a 10cc syringe thank God its not contaminated or from a patient coz thats a really big trouble.

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

My menudo

Cooked dinner today after sleeping my whole day off! Grrrrr

I was gonna play and have fun on my off but i slept it off like i always do! Hmp anyway maybe tom ill find some time anyway i did laundry today so my day is still productive! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Not a long blog today! Lol practicing MW3 wohoooo, i got my PS3 friday! boyfriend got it for me for pahabol xmas gift! hahahaha im spoiled @_@ with MW3 game too, he didn't find the pink controller i like maybe next week ill get it for myself! lol anyway, this is the longest i played this game and let me tell u i suck! I think counter strike is easier, im having trouble with the maps since im new im not too familiar with the maps, so i end up staying in one spot so i can kill somebody or die gazillion times trying to be familiar of the map by roaming around and staying alive as long as i could, but i had fun tho.

 Anyway i had a great day at work even if it was kinda crazy bec we had a call out and i had to be the tech for the day thank God we were able to finish early and it was a smooth turnover so everything was perfect. :) oh well thats pretty much it for today... Tom im off meaning more modern warfare and maybe mario bro! Weeeee :) - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Friday, January 6, 2012

Nursing school

Sometimes i still can't believe I'm already a nurse, after all the things I've been through, and here i am getting paid in doing what i love to do... Years gone by so quick if i can only replay moments back when i was still in college, living dAy by day. my only worries are if I am going to pass the long quiz that our terror professor will give us, 100 pages of lectures overnight together with other subjects that you also have to worry about. Wondering who will be your next clinical instructor, hoping she/he is cool enough not to give too many drug studies and hopefully divide the group in larger number for case studies even if you know no matter how many is in the group it's the most grade conscious who's gonna do all the work while you email her/him all the junk info you found in google about the case study. And of course the hospital duty, the excitement when you know you're next rotation will be in a special area like delivery and operating room, the only places you can wear you super white scrub suits and ofcourse don't forget to buy slippers! Or if ur parents are rich maybe some pair of crocs, or bootleg crocs that you can get at the flea market. I think what differs us from around the world is the experience we get from nursing school back home, we get to act like we are full pledge nurses. favorite part? Delivery room! that feeling you get when you get to be a part of a baby's life, your the first ever person to hold this angel even before the mother can get to hold him/her. The process of giving birth that took a whole long semester to be explained will only happen for 30mins even less without labor process ofcourse. Next fave? Emergency! Oh i love the rush feeling and all that. Expect the unexpected! I tell people stories of things i was able to do back in nursing school, deliveries, circumcisions, stitches, assist surgeries, faint 10x inside the OR, be 2 steps away from a live human brain and many many more stuffs and i look back on the things i missed to do because for me it wasn't interesting enough back and i wish i took the initiative to always observe and always persist to learn maybe i have more stories to share today. How bout you? How was your nursing school? Was it more fun? -Don’t ever regret anything, because at one point it was exactly what you wanted.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Charge nurse

I was the charge nurse earlier and i didn't even had any idea lol it was a great day tho busy but not that toxic.

I cooked adobo and cleaned the house when i got home, tom 13hrs again then saturday too.. Wow what a busy week, can't wait to have a day off and play mario ahaha!

Oh well im getting sleepy n tired now maybe tom a longer blog :)

Snack before bed ;)

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2days before

Blog i made 2 days before going home :)

Ive waited soooo long for this day to actuAlly come! 2more days and ill be home with my family and friends. 1,216 days to be exact., that's how many days ive been away from home. I wish i can tell the whole world right now and post this blog on my wall but i can't,! I have to surprise my mom :) i just have to! I can't wait to see the reaction on her face how surprise she will be... Oh my! I know 3weeks will really pass by quick but for sure ill have a blast.. I will surely miss my bheb :( this is the longest that we will not see each other and it's breaking my heart but i have to this once and for all, to be able to spend quality time with family and friends... I will be the happiest girl in the world once the plane lands in my home land! I would be sooooo hyper that my ears are always red. Lol i just can't wait to see everybody :) Not easy planning all this. Especially i only had limited help since only few people know that im goin home. It sucks but oh well! Anyway going to bed now 2 more work days then ill be HOME. <3

 -Don’t ever regret anything, because at one point it was exactly what you wanted.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Planning, Planner!

Today was a crazy day at work! morning rush plus a lot going on in my pod, worked til 6 30pm. I'm beat! but it's okay I'm off tom which is great! I went to B&N earlier to my dismay the planner that i bought a week ago went on sale!!!! that sucks right? now i grabbed more planners that I'm not even going to use but I'll probably give it away to special people..! People that will actually use them.

I love planners, it helped me a lot last year with my bills, schedules and stuffs. I have an app on my phone as well as my ipad but it's still different when you can actually right on it. It made my 2011 a little bit more organized. :)

Hell yeah I'm off tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! ciao! im getting really tired sitting here beside my laptop for the past 5 hours. such a loser @_@ lol

Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 1 & 2

awww! I made a blog yesterday! for whatever reason it didn't got posted on my blog! that was a real bummer! anyway! i had a great new year's eve even if somebody almost ruined it by trying to take my guests away lol. first time that we celebrated new year in our place. Get together with all close friends plus our cousin from NH drove here with her whole family to celebrate New Year with us. We had foods and alcohol, drinking games and beer pong!

My cousin stayed over for the night, oh my little jaxon was the star of the day and night such a cute bubbly boy!
Sooo cute! :)

Ate deanna helped me with the cooking she made some deviled eggs and meat balls, I made pasta, fruit cake, spanish rice, shrimp, buttered corn. 

We all had fun and got drunk @_@ my bheb was so drunk that he fell on the floor didn't even remembered it happening he was a total mess.. lol 

Ate tata and her whole family spent the night here and they left around 3 pm the next day chit chat galore! we miss her and we can't get enough of jaxon! hahah everybody fell in love with him! the other 2 boys are well behaved so there's no problem with them just hanging out in gemoy's room while the adults are in the living room getting drunk!

gemoy bough wii today! hahaha and i bought my pink controller :) and Just Dance 3 game lol we actually had fun earlier trying it out! i recorded a dance video while trying it for the first time. i think we did okay hahaha but we had a great time and wheeeww it's tiring! it's like attending a zumba class lol

I played mario and finished world 1 but oh my i had a hard time using the controller but i got used to it by the 3rd stage. Oh how i miss playing this game. It brought back those memories of my younger years hahah. How fun playing mario in my first console the FAMILY COMPUTER lol

anyway new year, new books! i have to finish this book that i bought recently, can't keep buying books without reading it right?

Interesting Isn't it?
This is just one chapter of the book.

NEW YEAR, MORE BLOGGING. 364 Days :) since i missed the first day lol we'll see :p


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