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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

This is by far my most favorite song of Eminem.. I can feel all the emotions in the lyrics. I just don't like the first kissing scene on the video, hmmmm... Oh well. I waited weeks for the premier of the music video and finally it's out!


It seems my life stopped @ 20. it's like my whole world stopped and I live to work. Yeah welcome to adulthood right? maybe if Philippines isn't such a poor country or maybe if my family wasn't poor I'll be happy to stay there and I would never had to leave...

You know how hard it is to make friends here? You meet racist people, you meet people who only wants to hang out with the same color as them or same race, you meet those two faced people and you meet people who's only friends with you when you're at work or some sort. It's hard to make friends because you hardly have time to socialize coz you're all working.

In the philippines, anywhere you can make friends. We don't believe in the saying "That's too personal" we'll ask anything in this world without hesitations, we'll even ask how much you make in a month or any personal questions. Things like that we don't care. hahaha I think we are more laid back people and we love making friends, forming groups. In school or at work for sure you know everybody's cellphone number. It's easy to know people and easy to hangout. There's a lot of down side on this things but the point is life never gets boring and you'll never feel alone.

I miss those days when you wake up and you have 100+ good morning text messages. Or when it's a holiday or when there's something special going on. Back then, i cant live without a cellphone, here I can't live without internet! that's my only connection to my friends back home...

Here, you have to watch out for everything and be careful on what you can and can't say.

anyways, I just miss home... and i've been missing home for the longest time... I'm just lucky to have the boyfriend. He's one of the reason that I'm sill here and not feeling lonely... He keeps me happy :)

Overall life is still good... just missing my friends :/


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