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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Camera roll ep1

"Camera roll" series featuring all my random photos of the day with a short caption.. :) so much for being lazy! Haha.

This is how my co workers treat me as a charge nurse. Lol

My breakfast earlier! Left over pizza and breadsticks!

Exactly what i needed earlier!


Craving! I drove to target just to get this! Soooo goood! My new fave! :)

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

happy 23rd of the month!

Big E with Love 

Lady Katherine Cruise with my Love and Co workers :)


Having breakfast while boyfriend is playing MW3 :)

Ham n egg sandwich for today! Can't wait for the lunch cruise later...

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weekend bonfire and a visitor from Georgia

After drinking at chelsea's place we went to the diner to have an early breakfast :)

Then today phil surprised jose and rob

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

a new haircut and new laptop

T_T i needed a trim so i went to get a haircut. I only go once a year! hahaha I really want a long hair but it's just too hard for me, it's either i get bored or it gets so damaged from ironing. This year i really did well coz i didn't get a lot of split ends but i got tired of it so i said i really need to get it trimmed and maybe that's why it stopped growing maybe if i get it trimmed it will grow much faster. I don't know my hair seems to stop growing at one point. 

we had dinner first at Frank Pepe's then we went to Best Buy to get a macbook for me! My laptop needs to retire it's been 3 years old works pretty well but I've been wanting to get a macbook for soooooo long. it's just my Laptop won't give up on me,, :) I hope this one will last long too!

I feel mentally challenged using the macbook i'm so used to having a windows pc that it's so challenging on navigating around. Anyway I'll get used to it and hopefully youtube will help me figure out quick commands. I hope this is not a waste of money :) Thank God it was on sale too. $100 bucks off, not bad!

No more shopping for a while til after Vegas! 

At the gym

It's so crazy how i normally don't have a good appetite unless it's my favorite food that's on the table but now that im back to going to gym, after each session i feel like i can eat 4cups of rice, meat, fruits and a gallon of ice cream! I know it's really bad and it's even harder to go on to diet with me having such a good appetite.
okay okay fine i know ull say na ang oa ko as if i weigh like 200lbs.

My point is im trying to build a good habit. Exercise and eating right that way it won't be too late for me. Im at my heaviest now i never even think i would reach 122lbs not unless im pregnant.

Anyway, it's also good for my breakouts now that im sweating more i drink a lot of water plus i feel like im really taking out most of the toxins hidden under my skin.

It's just really hard to workout especially after working more than 10 hrs, it's really exhausting plus doing all the chores at home like cooking and cleaning up.

Im just excited to go to vegassss i really need to be super sexy :p. lol ill be 25 soon oh no!! Can i stay 25 forever??

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

NJ and NY 2012

okay calm down! I know my post is late, I am just way too busy to blog about everything that happened over the weekend, but im here now and it's not too late :)

Saturday night,  getting excited and anxious bout driving in manhattan for the first time! "lakasan lang ng loob". We left CT around 8:30 am arrived at NJ around 11 30, had brunch at Philippine Bread House and then went to Little Quiapo for HaLo-Halo $5

Thank God there's no traffic! Not my first time to drive to New jersey but this time my GPS took me to a different route which i like better than the back road.

after eating we figured it's still early, we're thinking of driving to manhattan to check in but im concerned that we'll get stuck in traffic if we do that so we just killed time at the mall which btw you have to pay for parking...

I wasn't planning to buy anything coz im all set with what im wearing and what i have but you go to stores sometimes you just can't help it. I bought a cute top and changed my outfit :)

Then we went to the event before it get's really late, show starts at 3pm as they say but guess what? filipino time! show didn't start not until 3:45. Started off with this 2 comedian then christine reyes sang 3 songs? then ofcourse vice ganda! Christine is really pretty and skinny :)

 Christine reyes

 Vice Ganda

 with apple after the show :)

while waiting for the show to start

After the show, we drove to manhattan to check in at Hilton Garden Inn at times Square, we got a deal at the hotel and also a very good location, what sucks is the parking! we had to pay $45 with tax just to park for overnight WTF?! Thank God there's no cop when i accidentaly entered a one way street when i was trying to park my car, oh my! i was sweating and panicking coz all the cars was honking at me >.< anyway i was able to maneuver the car. We checked in the after 30 mins we started walking around Times Square, I can say this is the first time i really enjoyed New York, i was able to enjoy all the view, relax, eat whatever I want, try new things, see and walk at times square at night with all the bright lights. SO many people taking pictures walking around and just sitting there. when I say many people, THERE's A LOT! It's true, the city that never sleeps.

 See all of them? just chillin, :)

Just got to get one pic with them hahahah

Next day, grabbed coffee first thing in the morning, this is the city where I can survive since they have starbucks in every corner!!!

walked around to find a place to have breakfast that's cheap and taste good, we ended up at Cafe Metro. Breakfast was delicious!!!!!!

Walked around after breakfast, walked in to stores :)


 Baked by Melissa

then we drove back to NJ to buy ensaymada and bread from Philippine Bread and Christine's only to find out the christine's at newark are always close on mondays so i had to drive another 30mins to Bergenfield NJ. WE got Back to CT before it hit traffic so im really happy. A short break from working hard for the past weeks. We deserve it!

I'll post detailed reviews on food, hotel, restaurants and products soon!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dinner at kuya john's!

I wish i took more pics! Lol

Inihaw na bangus, chicken, pancit, mais, pancit luglog, porkchops, desserts and more! I wish i took more picture
but im way too busy eating! Lol

Ahh busog!!!! Thanks kuya john and ate pitchie for the dinner!

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Food and Fun

Guess i still have time to do a blog today :) well i want to tell u what happened last night after the 5days straight of working we finally have a day off to spend on ourselves! So gemoy and I went out to dinner at fridays last night

then we went to a hookah bar somewhere in west hartford called the arabian nights,

it was really awkward because all of the people share a room and seats too, it's just way too uncomfortable with me sitting with total strangers, it's just too awkward. Anyways we piked mango peach flavor, it's quite expensive too for $25 for two person, if you add another person u have to add another $25, oh well.. After that we decided to go home we were just too tired to go places!

This morning we woke up around 930 so i said we can go for breakfast! We went to triple a diner, been there once before but it was a really long time ago, the menu was great they serve almost everything from breakfast to dinner. Pork, chicken, beef and seafoods.

The waiter was nice enough to make me a coke float even if it's not in their menu.. :)

Breakfast was perfect, went home and had a nap!

We were planning to go shopping but gemoy got allergies from somewhere so we decided to stay home and rest for a little while. Then we went to the mall around 530 to pick up clothes for tom's comedy concert (excited)
I bought a dress that's really nice and a cute top, i don't know what to pick so i grabbed both but i guess im wearing the top and jeans tom just in case it gets cold in manhattan :)

Dinner was at ichiban with julian his gf and roommates.

Yup to eat there is really expensive but we had so much food so its okay, im just shy to take pics coz they might think im too weird taking pictures of the food LOL..

Anyway i had a great day, tom should be more fun! Excited much. Filipino foods here we come again..

Cant wait to see manhattan again at night.. <3

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