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Thursday, December 27, 2012

22nd-27th I need to update! new pics uploaded.

Well, thanks to Instagram and FB i don't have much pictures to share that's not yet shared! lol but this is probably going to be loooong still just so i have a detailed reference of what happened the past few days and where did my days off go? hehe.

I made pancit, and my coworker said it's much better this time! lol

Happy Monthsary!!! 40 months :)

My xmas shopping didn't end not until the 23rd! yup of course yours truly has been very busy and it's just way too much stress to think what to give to people. So i ended up getting gift cards for some of them lol. I prefer to get actual gifts or things but im scared that they won't like it and my money will just go to waste so I only get stuffs when im 100% sure that the person will like my gift 

 Our 3 years old xmas tree lol. Maybe a real tree next year! :)

Overprotective gemoy!

Of course I worked on christmas eve but only til 4 30pm so not bad, i was able to wear my santa hat. It was a quiet day. Everybody so anxious to go home early. :)

MY Hippie Aunt! hhahhaha she dowsn't usually wear clothes like this but she said since it's Christmas she wants to wear something wild!

Green Gap Shirt

Gifts from ate mhel, Aunt and Ate deans

 Then WE went to ate mhel's place and had our noche buena. It was actually boring. So quiet. We wanted to leave early. My bheb had to work which really sucked but he got out around 3am and we all went to open our christmas presents!!! ofcourse i was half asleep! 

 Oh my if i wasn't feeling really sleepy I would've probably Jump like crazyyyyY! i was ecstatic! my wishes came true and i didn't even tell them what I wanted. I got a new Camera and also I got a GoPro Hero 3!  I also got a New Bedsheet and comforter from my aunt, a coach purse and some jewelry from ate mhel. OH! Wine and gift bag from anthony and a starbucks gift card as well as a mug from kateryna!!! 

Bheb with his Kindle Fire

 I got bheb a kindle fire HD

and gemoy got him a g shock watch

 I got her a Flat Shoes Uggs and a cute DOMO slipper and Jose Got her a leather Jacket from Express

I woke up with a visitor xmas morning :) Josh and his brother dropped by to play madden and pick up their cocito.

I wasn't able to take so much pictures because I am just way too overwhelmed with my gifts! wayyy to excited! I was able to take few shots from my camera but it took me 2 days to figure out how to use my goPro. I also needed to buy few extra things first before i was able to get it started.

GoPro Hero 3 Accessories

I got a 16G class 10 mem card, just to test it first, when i get more extra money im shooting for a 64G which is really pricey! oh my! i got a head strap for summer time! and also the touch bac pac, basically, you have to get the back screen lcd separately to be able to see what you're shooting, you can still use it without it but you have to make sure you're pointing at the right angle and there's no way t see ur photos or videos until you connect it to your computer.

We had our WHITE xmas morning lunch at Boston Market since they're the only open place that day for lunch, i was lucky to be able to find an open starbucks shop! You know me i love my starbucks on my days off :)

White Xmas

Boston Marker

Mario Brothers Shirt!

 I was called in to work the 26th,  I went for a couple of hours then went to the mall, i had to pay bills and ofcourse ended up buying stuffs, i bought few calendars and also a planner. I really wanted to get a fancy one but there's no point, i think I'll just stick to start using an app for a planner. It just feels so better writing down in a paper. Thank God they have a 50% off sale going on.

 After work, i bought a fruit basket to bring to Jose's family, we drove there and chitchat for a little bit. I miss them and we haven't been able to visit together since I'm always busy at work. We had to leave early since it started to snow heavy!

Edible Arrangements

After visiting his grandparents, we ended up buying dinner from dominos, it's been a while since we had their oven baked sandwhich as well as the  STUFFED CHEESY BREAD! We had to be quick coz the snow is accumulating really fast last night, i got excited thinking it will be at least a foot and we will able to go sledding the next day.

 Wearing my pink pants!


at La Via Del Gusto

 Today we had breakfast at a small italian place near our house, the owner is actually very nice and food is served fresh! cannoli was bangin! this is the first place i had my cannoli and i don't think i will ever try a different place, we have breakfast here everytime we are all off and im not in the mood to make breakfast. :)

We got our SLED!!!!! lol i think it's for kids but in the box it's actually an adult using it so yeah we'll see. hahaha.

 OH wel back to work tom! not looking forward to it but I have to make money :) Since I got an update letter from USCIS regarding mom's petition. They said it will take another 60 days to mail me another letter for the next step.

Goodnight Everyone.... xOxo 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Bright nights, forest park MA

Bheb brought me here earlier tonight and it was fun to see all those xmas lights! I wish we had snow i think it would be more magical :) anyways had fun! It's $18 to get in per car. They give you the radio station where they play all christmas songs while you drive and also a map.

They have a snack shack where u can get some hot choco, cider, nachos, popcorns and a lot more if you get hungry it's not a problem.


Hot choco and nachos <3 we also had some fried dough and omg it was bangin!!!!

Well didn't think i would spend my doomsday doing laundry, shopping and playing Black ops but whatever im alive! We're alive! :)

Sad part i need to go back to work tom :/ 3 days off is not enough lol.

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Monday, December 17, 2012


My favorite time of the year! lol. Bonus for my mom. :) I am so grateful that I love what i do and it comes with a lot of perks :) lol Well that bonus is gone, sent it back home. I'm happy tho, at least i shared my blessings to the people i love. I always tell my mom to appreciate every single penny i send. It's not easy to wake up every morning and sometimes do 60 hrs/week. I still can't believe how i did it with the attitude i had back in HS.

Pretty soon she'll be here with me (my mom), i know it will be hard but oh well! WE'l manage. I'm just thrilled for her to experience everything that i experience here. I checked it earlier and it finally processed, It really helps when you follow up with them constantly they seem to make the process faster. Just waiting for the mail for the next step and hopefully all this will go smoothly and as planned.

Last thursday i had a severe migraine, i think it's the worst headache i had in my entire life. It was horrible like i was going to throw up. I don't know if it's because I overslept or because im having caffeine withdrawal or maybe even both. It was so bad that i was crying and thinking about going to the E.R. I felt soooo sick and now i think i have a phobia of oversleeping. I make sure to wake up not past 11. and also have my caffeine dose as soon as i wake up.

Friday, anthony bought us lunch! :)

shopping with shanna for the xmas party a week before the party.

Round 1: Shopping

Xmas party :)

 MY gift to louie :)

 After party picture taking!

at up on the rocks, hartford.

Last night we went to best buy to look at some gadgets, oh how i miss bob :( i get very sad every time i see a nikon dslr. Depressing. 

Today i went to the mall again planing to get more stuffs but i only got one. Hmmm more shopping to do. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Exhausted and it's only tuesday.

I think i really need to go back taking vitamins.. It's only tuesday and im drained already.

I think it's "call out season" everyday at work somebody calls out and its crazy when somebody does because the whole clinic falls apart especially in the morning. Grrrrrr, it ruins the whole day. 3 days in a row. Fantastic.

This morning was hectic, left and right access problems then i also had to make sure my trainee is learning something lol

Anyway hopefully tom is a better day and praying for no call outs!

I seriously need to take my vitamins maybe it'll help.

Oh thursday i can't wait for you.. :)

I was watching aryana and it pissed me off when they showed the preview, seriously?? Falling off the stairs and the villain trying to kill her at the hospital while she's unconscious bec she knows something?

Aggrhh whatever!
Goodnight need to go to bed now. :(

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

We won!

I know i already sAid thanks to all the people who helped us with the voting even tho they didn't count the votes anymore. All the people helped us with the voting made our video noticeable by having so many votes. We actually moved on and accepted the fact that we're not going to win since the other clinics were voting non stop and theres no way i could bother more people lol.

Anyway, they ended up changing the rules, that made us just let it go, they extended the voting for 2 more weeks. It sucks because since the beginning we were the one on top and really tried hard to gather votes. It came to the point that when i wake up thats the first thing i check, and i sent constant messages and reminders to my friends on facebook that i felt i was really annoying them. Lol

Anyway we finally got the result and didn't really expect it. we were happy tho lol we are one of the 5 clinics that won 10k worth of clinic renovation and there are 6 clinics that won 5k. Very generous company to give away that much for originally having only one clinic to win.

They probably didn't expect this. Contest to be big and a lot participated and also a lot of people had fun doing this.

I just hope i don't go through another voting experience lol

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Proud of myself

Proud of myself today i only bought what i really went for the outlet today, i was lucky they have extra 30% off. I needed a new wallet because my last one gave up on me already and all my cards won't fit anymore lol.

I just don't get why anyone would spend over $200 for a purse or a wallet, just doesn't make sense to me. I do love my gadgets and i will spend tons of money and my savings if i really want something like a camera or a laptop because i know i will put it to use almost everyday.

When it comes to clothes, im a cheap buyer especially with dresses because i know once i wear it most likely i wouldn't wear it again so i make sure it's worth my money. H&M, hollister and abercrombie if i can wait for a sale i would but if i really want an item i would buy it original price but then i will really feel bad about myself afterwards especially if i know only a couple of weeks that same item will go down half a price.

Shoes is a different story, i would spend maybe until $200 for a pair of boots like my uggs coz i know it will be put on a great use and it's comfy and will definitely warm my feet on cold winter days. I love slip ons, stilettos, boots and sneakers budget will limit $100 per pair.

Watch and accessories: im not really fond of jewelries but i bought myself a pair of earrings and a necklace at a decent price. Watch, i would want to have a MK watch but baby G or nixon will also do.

Today we went to the outlet with my 2 co workers and their kids. It was fun but too cold to be walking around. Went to coach, got a wallet and a small body bag, a top from gap and basketball shorts and shirts for bheb. I think ill do my xmas shopping next week.

With baby armani :)

Got home around 5 pm, went to walgreens for some meds for my cold and flu :(

- hopefully i feel better tom, i hate being sick :( coz i act like a baby lol im very very needy. @_@ well ill just go to bed early and hopefully im at least 90% tom.

Anyway gottago! Walking dead time!

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