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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 26

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 21


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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 20 Brotherbowl

Marshalls loots!

Back to going to gym and i was tired, still doing laundry up tom now it's already 10 20 p. and what sucks today? Patriots lost!!!! Oh well brother bowl on feb 3.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 18 Go get your BSN and you can tell me what to do.

New face shield lol, actually other clinics have been using this for years so i can't say new but for us we have been using the disposable ones. I made some adjustments but ill try to work it out just for the environment. Go green lol

What a tough morning. I love my job but when im in charge and other people just want to do what they want to do just pisses me off when i specifically said not to do it that way. Im the one to deal with issues so as much as possible i try to prevent it from happening but some people just don't want to cooperate. How bout you become the charge nurse??

Oh well, moving on. On the other note the day went well i was able to do some charting.. Went home then bheb and i went to the mall to get her ravens jersey! Lol he's excited for the game this sunday!!

Another day tomorrow. Now watching: The possession.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 17 the mighty spiders

I woke up this morning remembering my dreAm, i dreamt about spiders crawling over me, somebody was trying to be funny and scaring my pushing me to the cobwebs with lots of spiders, i was shaking and screaming trying to take off the spiders crawling all over me. I was hysterical! Thank God i woke up.

I searched the meaning of my dream and this is what i got:

If you dream that you see many spiders hanging in their webs around you, foretells most favorable conditions, fortune, good health and friends.

I hate dreams like that! Grrr

Work went well, i had a good day not too busy or hectic.

I had my 90min massage today ohhh so relaxing!!!!

Got my vs vip card in the mail!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 16 snowy morning

A snowy morning!

Finally finished the book reflected in you by silvia day..! Good ending i think i might not read the 3rd one lol

Grocery shopping and cooking day today. Days off are for household chores..

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Location:Torpey Dr,East Hartford,United States

Day 15 zero dark thirty

After work, we went to watch Zero dark thirty it was okay not what i expected maybe because they want to make it very realistic and close to what really happened but it's to have an idea on how they planned the while thing that happened whn they captured bin laden.

Got home really tired didn't even post my blog up.. Fail! Lol.

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 14. Ouch!

Got my yearly ppd today 2 weeks ago my blood was drawn too, i always get really scared wen i become the patient, then if this little thing stings how about those 15g needles i put in my patient's access!!

Well speaking of needles im going to schedule my next tat session, noooo! Not another piece just to basically touch up and add more design to my koi fish to make it look better, lol

-i made muffins! Haha not from scratch but from the box :p why lie? Lol

I was watching be careful with my heart earlier since im trying to save all the last episodes of aryana so i can watch them all in one day, i really hate waiting for the next episode to come out so i rather save them for later.

GGV episode with dawn and richard was really funny the other night!

Need to go to bed now, i don't want to be late tomo!!! :)

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 13. Good Friends Don't Let you do Stupid things, ALONE. :p

 STEPH ME KIM AND CINDY. They're my childhood friends. It's been more than 15 years guys. I remember moving to a different neighborhood, you guys were playing outside and i was jealous but really scared to approach you. I think steph was the first one to talk to me. Since then we had  a lot of adventures  Playing outside, Biking and going to other streets looking out for those cute boys playing basketball.

Remember when we were biking (three-wheeler) and because we're trying to get those boys attention we got into an accident and the bike flipped over? we were so embarrassed  lol We also got scratches and bruises in our knees but we successfully got their attention in a very embarrassing way!

Remember our first fight with those kids from the squatter! lol I think i had a really good stiff neck the next day and some scratches. I got most of the bullying because im half white. MISTISANG BANGUS, ANAK ARAW and all the other things they will call me but you guys were always there to fight for me, I was always the one to say stop and to not fight because guess what? at the end of the day even if im not the one who threw the stone and hurt somebody Im the only person they will remember. "yung mga kasama nung tisay!"

You remember the basketball court fight? hahahah while they were announcing the champions and the MVP we had a big fight with the same kids in the middle of the basketball court and the emcee was actually talking about us instead of the players lol 

How many times we had our intermission number there? we just make our own dance steps and at half time we'll dance and perform then a lot of dancers from all over the town started doing the same thing. We weren't even professional dancers back then lol we just wanted to have fun.

I experienced my first heartbreak with you guys and all my other HEARTBREAKS. Shared with you how my first kiss happened, All my firsts without judgement. We all talk about it and laughed about it. We are so comfortable with each other in any aspect of life that I even know exactly how your farts smell like lol but never did i farted in front of you guys haahhahahaha. I know for sure Kim's fart is the Silent killer!!! lol Tep and cindys are the loudest!

I can talk to you guys without feeling judged about all the wrong decisions i made. 

 We always stick together and always have each others back.

You remember our DANCE DANCE REVO craze?? lol how about the COUNTERSTRIKE team we made? We were actually competing with guys and some actually invited us to be part of their team. How cool is that? Then comes RAGNAROK! oh boys....

How about us joining those gangsters lol. hanging out with the Bloods and the mobsters hahahahah. LOL I can never forget how i got jumped with 13 girls! yes 13!!!! How many nights I sneaked out the house and go drinking at the park not minding the danger. 

The manila, batangas, cavite and all around Luzon trips! hahhaha. Just going to places for Ragnarok EBs (Eyeball) Ho many people we became friends with because of this Online game. How many boys we met and got their hearts broken? or the other way around.  ;p 

You are the MOST CRAZIES friends i ever had. You'll do things without caring of what other people would think or say. You even made me do PLANKING at the mall!!! I really miss you and there's a lot of memories that i can't talk about here. Though we don't talk as often as we would like you know im always here for you.

Thanks for giving me the good and the bad memories. I had a really good "TEEN LIFE" because of all our adventures together :)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 12. Chillin.

2 Aleve, for headache. Like i said from my previous posts, I do get a headache if i miss my caffeine dose. For some reason, advil doesn't really help but when i take aleve, 15 mins headache is totally gone! lol

Just a simple, laid back saturday night for us! :) Went to watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre which really sucks BTW! lol Don't even go pay to watch this movie!!!!!!

After the movie we invited some people over for pizza and beer pong as well as watch the 2003 version of Texas Chainsaw. To my surprise our friend michelle never watched it before and it was fun watching her freak out lol so mean. So fun and chill night. It's hard to IGNORE the pizza! since we have a No fast food January, it was kinda hard not to have a slice.

Oh i fell inlove with this snack. Pumpkin Seeds and nuts with raisins too!

Huhhhu Aryana will be over soon, i don't now but i got hooked watching this teleserye, as corny as it is and as much as i hate the other scenes and horrible effects i just got hooked lol.

MY bheb and I after too many Jell-O shots :)

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 11 . Good Karma.

Gemoy Made

ME, Gemoy and Louie. 

Pink. Got a few loots from the semi annual sale. :) Im proud of myself for not going crazy!

Oh so i was at H&M and i just grab some hair accessories as well as bracelets which pobably in total cost only $10. So i was in line and there's this lady in front me with 2 kids, i smiled and said " Hi. Are you in line? "and the lady said yes. So i moved behind them. Well as she was paying she called me and i looked behind me and she said no, you come over. I got scared coz she looked like she was looking for something and i felt that she probably think i stole something from her, then she said come here.. So i went ove and she gave me a gift card. She said here you can have it. I was like???? and she kept giving it to me and i said thank you. I was going to save the card for just for keeps but it was expiring the next day. I know it was nothing but her random kindness made me thought of the good things i randomly did for people and realize it does really come back to you.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 10 small but powerful

Took this pic while i was drawing meds at work. I can't imagine how much this stuff cost if you don't have insurance or medicaid, i bet people will just die eventually coz dialysis alone is not enough to survive for patients with CKD.

Even after 2 years of working as a dialysis nurse a lot of things still surprises me and amaze me about dialysis.

Such a fantastic invention from the machine itself, the dialyzers, the lines, kinds of access and medications.

Never in my college days that i think ill end up as a dialysis nurse but when i got this job and started doing it i actually love it!

I was able to see my patients regularly, talk to them and communicate and even get to know them at a personal level.

Tomorrow is another day. Looking forward for my days off as much as i love my job my body is complaining working more than 40hrs lol

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 9. Dreaming of isla vieques!

I prefer boracay but there's no way i would be able to go there anytime soon. Lol not til my mom's papers are all done.

Working lot of hours this month and next month then planning to visit puerto rico on the last week of feb :)
Anybody wants to come?

Today was really busy at work but i managed.

For dinner we had spam omelette. :)

Okay so i had my soda earlier and it was soooo good lol, i also cut down on drinking soda and earlier was my first cup since new year.

Going to bed now really tired!!!

Hope to be in vieques in my dreams tonight :)

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 8

9-6pm shift today. Not bad! I love not waking up early. The day went by fast and not a lot of incident. I was gonna do laundry when i got home but instead i went looking for rentals in puerto rico since we're planning for a vacation next month! I can't wait!!

We had tinola for dinner wohhooo. Day 8 and i also haven't had any soda :) im proud of myself!

I can't wait for friday. I need a long weekend. Lol

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Day 7. Let's be daring

Got bored and took pics before shower with my iphone using camera+ app lol

Playing with colors.. Red hair? Hmmm

I used to tAke lots of daring pics when i was younger but now with all the bs in fb it's just crazy how sometimes you can't be urself with anybody because it's either offensive or people will use your post against you.

My day..
Yesterday i came in really late for work only because i didn't wake up.. I was dreaming i was at work already, then phone was ringing i answered my co worker saying where r u? R u coming to work?

I hate when that happens!

Im trying to take a pic of my hairstyle, i love this hair piece because it makes my life so much easier in the morning by saving me so much time fixing my hair.

Red ribbon cakeeeeee!! From ate mhel, to die for. :)

Made an easy dinner, it was okay at least it's not microwaveable.

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 6/365 planning with planner!

Last year i bought pricey planners but i actually ended up using the cheapest one lol, i get really excited when i see very cute planners but i only really need one. This year i went for a small pocket planner im trying to use an app so i have it anywhere and anytime i need it but still cant decide which app to use!

It's been 2 years now since i started using a planner. It actually helped me a lot to be on track with my bills (which i have a lot!) lol

I'm trying to blog really often or to actually do this 365 blog thing, last night i fell asleep on the couch and actually forgot to post my blog. Fail!

Today i woke up early i had coffee and made myself a ham, egg and cheese for breakfast.

I skipped lunch and we had the leftover shrimp for dinner. Im going to make ginisang munggo for tomorrow's lunch at work.

I don't know yet if ill make pancakes for breakfast tom :/

I also washed my car Today. It's super clean until i mess it up again.

I went grocery shopping earlier with a bunch of stuff i need to survive this no fast food january!

I put away all the xmas decors and put them in the storage.. Oh my another year passed. Praying of another year full of blessings!!

P.S i got another inspiring book from stop n shop. :)

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Day 5

I was so exhausted that i fell asleep last night without even finishing my blog, i worked almost 12hrs with only 3hrs of sleep :/

You know when you're so excited to punch out and ready to go coz u only have 2 patients left? Then suddenly everything just doesn't work the way you want to, i had to send one in the hospital and the other one wn't stop bleeding. It was frustrating but you know what? Took a deep breath and i was okay.

Well i finally got my case for my camera, it fits well and i love the material as well as the color!


Day dive of no fast food january! Hipon for dinner! :)

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