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True love does not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.



Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 1 of CLass

first day of my class earlier for my prep class for Dialysis and as usual I never learn my lesson and I was 30 mins late because for some reason my gps on my phone is messed up and keeps on bringing me at the wrong location (Hospital nearby), I got very impatient and told my bf to just drop me off there and I'll find my way inside the building and just ask question so I did and for some reason I don't know why I didn't call my preceptor the first time we got lost lol then I finally called and gave me the number of Davita where the class is. So i called and they told me that it's not inside a hospital but rather a couple of blocks away. There's no way I would walk from where I was to towards the facility with a 0 degree weather. Good thing bf wasn't that far yet and was able to still drive me there. (At this point i was hysterically crying because I'm already late in the first day of class).

Anyway, the instructor and the whole class was really nice and good thing I didn't miss any of the discussion because they were just introducing there self to each other.

I've learn a lot on our first  day, I wish we have this much longer than a week. It's actually fun!

Anyway I got my dress for the wedding of cha and chris this coming saturday! I loved the first dress I picked and I can't stop thinking about it but the color is a little lighter than the actual color so I went for my 2nd choice and it's nice and simple yet elegant looking well at least that's how I see it. I'm actually really excited It's been a long time since I was a bridesmaid in a wedding.

anyway another day in class tomorrow hopefully it doesn't snow so bad @_@

Sunday, January 23, 2011


omg! I am so drained right now... So close to falling asleep but I have to fight it coz I need to update my blog. lol Been busy lately... my last post was a little sad PMS or something but I was really upset and down... But oh well better days now... working and I have a class tom! I'm super excited! It's part of my training and I can't wait to be back on a classroom setting... feeling like a college student again!

I woke up so early this morning and didn't take a nap so I'm pretty much drained right now. I went to the store earlier to buy a plunger coz i think the tub is clogged but guess what?! I ended up grabbing stuffs for the house.. ahhhh I'll never learn, 'Crazy!

Anyway we had fun this weeked hangin out with Jose's friends... Went to margaritas and spent time there then went to Josh house to play some pong.

Anyway blog I'll update you again tomorrow of some details over the week that I forgot to mention here!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Inside my head

Today was a really bad day, depressing. I never felt so alone. I just want to scream and hit or break something. Maybe it would help.

It's so hard to balance everything in life. Whatever your priorities are, sometimes you get to a point where you focus too much on one thing and loses balance on the others. That's what exactly is happening to me right now.
Career, Work, Family, Love and God. I know God should be the center of everything but I am not a saint sometimes I fail. I try but I know it's not even enough.

FAMILY? oh yeah I support them financially, we have conversations through YM but talk? hmmm I think that's what I am a financial supporter. Don't get me wrong. I love my family i think that's the main reason I'm still here. Actually the only reason I am here. I was contended back home but communication is a big problem. If you have sister/Aunt/dad/mom/brother or whoever supports you from US try to appreciate them as much as you could. I honestly avoid calls sometimes. its not that I don't want to hear their voice. I would love to see them, hug them have a dinner with them like we used to. but who would love to call if what you will always hear is problems? we already have so much to worry here. I think a little good news is nice to hear.

Relationship Wise. I'm struggling. We're struggling. ALL relationships have ups and downs. I barely have time nor does he have time. I hate fights especially if it's not worth it. I think I graduated on that one long time ago. I'm already 23 i think I already graduated from lies, cheating, crushes or whatsoever. I am actually proud of how patient I am now. I'm slowly losing it but I'm holding on. I've been through different types of relationships and I learned a lot.

sabi nga "nya" buti pa siya pinagluluto mo, pinaglalaba, iniiyakan mo pa ni ako di ko naexperience yun sayo.."

I don't cry because he hurt my feelings, I cry coz I don't have somebody to run to like I had the old days. Back home HEARTBREAKS don't mean nothing. 1 case of red horse or 1 bottle of emperador with a bunch of friends pppsh overnight lang makakamove on ka na or kung hindi man edi next day uli.

I'm not saying he's a bad boyfriend I have my faults too but I'm soo hard to please. Well this part people would say, "work it out" it just means your relationship is getting stronger.

Career? that's the only good that's happening to me right now. I love my job. I love what I do and everyday I'm learning. Everyday I get to prolong somebody's life. I get to see the same people/patient therefore I get to bond with them and I think that's the best part of being a nurse. getting to know your patient being involved in their care the sad part about this job... it's either they get "well", worse, get a transplant or die.

I know tom will be a better day for me. It's just nice to have a blog an output of what's inside your head, how you feel at a certain moment and how you dealt with it. 

Tomorrow I should be fine.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

5th of January and I feel Old.

ei ei ei... i almost broke my promise! i said I'll be blogging more often but it's already the 5th and I'm just starting with my blog. I'm so into tumblr nowadays I love editing pics, share quotes and all that stuff but the turnoff about it is i think most of the users were kids like 13-18 years of age. damn i feel old! lol 

I'm not talented enough to draw or paint or sketch. I wish I can! i can't even draw a cat or a pig! lol so thanks to photoshop! lol I can at least express my artistic side even if it's not really artistic for my viewers haahha...

Oh well, UPDATES! hmm I love my new job... been there for almost 3 weeks and I'm really enjoyin it! I work as a dialysis RN and i can't complain about the amount of work compared to working in LTC (tons of med pass, treatments and minimal pt interaction) i feel less stress and I'm actually challenged to learn more and also have the opportunity to strengthen my assessment skills. 

Lately I've been sleeping late (2am) and I totally messed up my sleeping pattern :( arggghh but tonight imma sleep like a baby and be in bed on time at least before midnight.

Oh well some of my old pics edited to suit tumblr lol.


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