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Monday, August 6, 2012

One good deed a day

I think my profession helps me a lot for making it possible to do good deed to others, nurses are expected to be compassionate and patient people, if ur a nurse and you're neither, i don't really think u will love your job as much as i do!

It's so easy to do things for others especially when ur getting paid to do it but when u actually step up and do something over and beyond ur job it's really rewarding!

One day at work, my patient had a terrible "accident" in the bathroom and there was poop everywhere, i was really disgusted by it and i can't stand the smell of it. I didn't had any choice but to clean it up because housekeeping accdg to them, don't do body fluids from patients (so who does the cleaning on all other bathrooms in the building??) yup that was my question. Oh well whatever, i love this patient to death and i know she didn't mean it So whatever, i cleaned up everything bleached all over and i think that was the cleanest ive seen the public bathroom, i remember going back to the floor and our secretary told me "it's okay susan, you did ur good deed for today".

Then i started thinking hmmm? Thats a really good idea! Try to do at least 1 good deed a day,

It's really true that it makes u feel good when you do something good to others.

One good deed i remember was at the movie theatre it was packed and very busy night almost all seats are taken and of course people will seat one seat apart leaving 1 or 2 seats empty in between. i had 2 empty chairs beside me and one empty chair 3 chairs down beside another couple, there's a group if 3 people looking for seats and The movie is about to start soon and what i did was i called their attention and offered the 2 empty seat beside us and pointed the other single chair but the couple didn't want to leave the young one they brought. The other couple saw what we're trying to do so they helped us and transferred beside us and the group of 3 ended up sitting together, win win!

Then yesterday i was at family dollar trying to buy a baking pan for my crema when i was about to pay, this kid was buying a bar of chocolate which causes $1.79
He only had $1.25 i remember having a dollar in my wallet and offered to pay for the rest and gave him all the change. When he looked at me and said thank you it melted my heart, i knew that was my good deed for that day.

It doesn't have to be a big deed just make it pure and from your heart...

So what's ur good deed today?? Put it in the comment box below! :)

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