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Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy made my monday crazy @_@

I remember back home, when it's raining and there's storm it's like fiesta for us! meaning no class and of course time to "tambay" not really a big deal, you won't see people panicking about the storm, buying stuffs and overstocking food. Time for hot milo, sopas or lucky me noodles! So when i heard about this storm i didn't bother. It's just a storm.

Oh well got in at work 5mins early. Ms. Sue told me all patients will be getting 2hrs tx. because of the hurricane. I was like "Is it really that bad?" we didn't even go grocery shopping. Suddenly my stupid brain starts craving food i know i wouldn't be able to buy today because of the storm. Most stores will be close. Anyway they said there would be power outages and we need to prepare ourselves. Well i wasn't here last year when they experienced not having power for a week! yeS! a WEEK!

Thank God I was on vacation that time. I would be really frustrated. Anyway it was so hectic at work earlier. Turnover after the other, Non stop from 6am til 3:30. only had total of 30mins break breakfast and lunch combined.! It was tiring. I think 5 people was on the phone trying to book all rides early for patients, we managed but i was drained. 

Luckily, CVS was open til 5pm. We got out around 3:30pm so we went to CVS to get some snacks then called in pizza! hahaha 

Well, right now i can hear the strong wind outside but still have power. Hopefully power will stay on. I don't really want to go anywhere just to get my shower.

The only advantage i got from this storm is we're coming in late tom, @ 12pm wohoooo meaning more sleep for me! then I love driving in the road. It's like a walking dead scenario earlier at the highway and even back roads.

Im trying to blog as much as i can since the year is ending soon! 11 days before my bday.... wohoooo!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

My usual sunday

Well woke up around 11am today had apples for breakfast, im surprised i didn't even crave for coffee today and also been staying away from drinking soda.

We went to iparty yesterday to pick up costume for this year's halloween. I think the first and last time i celebrated it was year 2008. Then been working the years after, last year i was in the philippines don't know exactly where i was probably getting drunk. This is i really took a day off the day after just in case i get drunk but i think the weather will not permit us to party + 12hrs shift for me. @_@

I pick this one coz i cant really pick anything skimpy for work, might as well be a undead nurse lol i i just have to wear my scrub white pants under.

After halloween shopping of course we went home, i was just feeling tired, lazy and had a major headache. PMS attack full blast! Arghhhh. So i went to take 2hrs nap. Which didn't help at all coz i woke up still having a headache.

I didn't even cook anything for dinner, ill just bring some left overs for tom.

Anyway i think ill just lay in bed and get comfy, this weather suckss! Bigtime.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

300 Shades of Grey!

yay! my 300th Blog post! and yes! i finished the Fifty Shades Darker.! so im looking forward for the 3rd and last one., I'll wait till our long flight to Vegas! That will kill a lot of time. I think i have to rest my eyes and imagination for a couple of days. :) It's a really good book to read among adult readers. 

It's been crazy reading the book, so intense and a lot of excitement! hahahah. It made me crazy for a couple of days. I couldn't wait for my off to finish reading it. My cousin and boyfriend was complaining the other while we're having dinner because i was being quiet and in the zone! lol

Anyway, work has been tough. We are usually understaff because of our big productivity. One time this week, I was the charge nurse and having a POD makes it more difficult esp if you have tons of doctor's orders to follow up and meds changes and on top of that 2 LPN which you have to make sure that somebody will do their assessments and all the nsg interventions in between. Hey! not complaining. I'm actually happy, tho it gets very stressful sometimes I do love my patients dearly and my co workers are great too.

in 2 weeks time I'm turning 25! oh my. I'm excited for our vegas trip... I think thats enough gift for me this year... and hopefully next year my mom's visa will get approved so we can fly back together when Jose and I go visit in April..

Oh well... Looking forward to read the 3rd Book! I can't wait for the movie if they will ever do it, I don;t like reading books but i was intrigued with all the hype going on that it pushed me to buy the it and read it.! I think i need to do more reading.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Celebrating our Davita Day :) Bus trip to NYC

Last sunday, we went to NY with my co workers to celebrate Davita Day. We left around 7:30am and got there around 11:30am. Not too traffic. We had fun in the bus joking around. All i wanted to do was to visit the Wax museum coz I've never been there and besides we've been all over new york this year. Im just excited coz this time I'm not driving! lol.

Too bad my bheb couldn't come with us because he needs to go to work. Anyway. The bus dropped us off and we have to go back and meet up around 4:30pm. We went to Madame Tussauds and took tons of picture there I even bought a bag of candy and a shot glass for my collection! lol  It was fun and most of the wax figures there really look realistic! 
My phone was all i had for taking pictures, luckily in chinatown i was able to buy an extended battery pack, it was cool to finally have one since we always go out and go places and sometimes my battery would just drain so fast! I only bought it for $25 :)

 we only had limited time so we decided to go to china town for Lunch! We were about 14 in a group including kids and no one knows how to go to china town by subway, so we asked people around and luckily we managed to hop on the right way! 

We got to Hop-Kee one of the famous restaurant there in chinatown. Really good food, though my fish wasn't fully cooked it was delicious and the crab that my co worker ordered smells and looks soooooo yummy! next time when I go there i will definitely order that! That's my new favorite chinese restaurant in Chinatown. I'll give it 4 stars for the waiter seems to be rushing us and kinda rude, when we're ordering he asked us about out drinks and of course the little kid was thinking not even that long he turned around and walked away.

Anyway big servings! so make sure if you're not a big eater have somebody to share food with especially the fried rice!

It was fun riding the subway and thank God to that person who helped us out to find the right route since it's the weekend and there's some changes in the routes of the subway. Im so bad in taking directions so I was really thankful that he was going the same way and directed us.

we got back at the bus on time tho at first we were waiting at the wrong spot for about 30mins. For our dinner we had Shake Shack! wohooooooo 

french fries, champagne with orange juice c/o Kateryna, FLOAT! Cheeseburger :) busog!

Thanks ate analyn for coming!

Happy Birthday!

Overall, what a fun trip! hopefully there's more outings like this for us :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October! Camera roll ep. 2

Finally a car wash! :)

Pizza night!

Oh yeah, taking all my summer clothes out and putting all the winter clothes in!

Changing colors

Pho day + Movies ( Hotel Transylvania) + Shopping

Hahaha. You better not be a KJ!

First Pair of ray ban lol no more sunglass shopping for me. :)

stop messing with my head

ok na ko, healed na nga eh, paminsan naiisip parin kita pero sinasabi ko, patay ka na. ibang tao na yun. Iappreciate mo ung nandyan ngyon, yung mahal na mahal ka. Yung pwede mong mahalin ng buong buo. Eto na mgtwe-25 ka na. Sabi mo eto ung time na ikakasal ka na, magiging masaya magkakababy and all that. Pero sa totoo? i feel na nagstastart plng ako sa mga pangarap ko, yun lang sayang hnd ikaw yung nandito.

Pero ok lang. Kasi basta nakikita ko at alam kong masayang masaya ka, masaya nako. Isa un sa mga pinagpray ko, Bukas ok nanamn ako baka hnd na rin kita maisip. Sana. Ewan ko ba grabe sabi nila bgyan ko lang ng panahon at ng oras lilipas din lahat, subukan ko daw ibalin ung 100% para mahalin ko ng buong buo, ginagawa ko naman, ginawa n ngang mas madali ni Lord kasi eto bngyan nya ko ng mabuti at matino.

After nung paguwi ko, medyo nahirapan but at the same time parang nging maayos na. Mahigit isang taon n yung nakalipas ng last kaming nakapagusap, medyo nasasabi ko na sa isip ko, wow! ilang buwan din na hnd ko xa napanaginipan or masyadong namiss.

Grabe napaka-amazing how somebody can give you so much to remember. And I'm trying, really trying my best. Kaya ayaw ko na nga ng day off kasi nauupo lang ako sa harap ng computer, or kapag binabasa ko yung old blogs ko. Bgla makikita ko yung napakapamilyar na ngiti alam mo yung isang sabi lang eh okay n yung lahat. Kahit nung nakausap ko xa ulit, iba na eh wala na yung dating tao na yun. Ibang iba na, masyado ng matigas or matapang, mapagtanim ng galit.

Nakuwento ko sa ka-workmate ko lahat ng mga past ko, sabi ko habng ngbibiruan kami, sabi ko ewan ko ba bakit sila naoobsesss. Pero siya yung pinaka iba, grabe siya magmahal, nakakatakot kasi umiikot yung buong mundo nya sayo. Pero at the same time overwhelming yung feeling kasi eto may isang taong mahal na mahal ka kahit anong mangyari. It makes me wonder kung ganun prin xa kaya magmahal? kasi kung hnd na aba swerte ko.

well, maswerte tlga ako. Lagi akong nkakahanap ng magmamahal sken ng lubos yung buo. Pero meron tyong isang chance probably in our entire life na sobrang ramdam mo yung love sa isa't isa ung prang you can conquer the world! and i felt that, sa kanya lang.

sabi ko I'll start hating him, maybe sa ganoong paraan, mas easy xang kalimutan. Nung kinuwento ko sa friend ko, sabi nya "maybe he doesn't love you that much. Maybe he's just obsess with the idea of being inlove or being with somebody" and there! tama. Yun lang yun. Hnd xa saken inlove. maybe he's right. Maybe ganun nga lang xang tao.

The only thing na naiisip pwedeng mali yung friend ko dahil ako ang nanligaw, ako ang unang ngmahal sa knya, tinanggap ko lahat kung ano siya kahit hnd niya ko gusto or kahit hnd nya ko type. Ako yung unang nagpakita na mahal ko siya.

Sana binigyan niya ko ng chance na iclose to, pero hnd pati yung katahimikan ko at pati na rin sana mgiging katahimikan nya hnd nya pa pinagbigyan. Tatanda din kami maybe 10 years from now tatawanan ko nalang to katulad ng pagtawa ko sa mga pagsubok sa buhay ko when i was younger.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Multi tasking is draining my battery!

Just wondering why my phone battery drains like crazy until my cousin showed me how many apps i have open and that i need to remind myself to close this apps when im done.! I thought my phone's battery is just getting weak from all the overnight charging but oh well, if ur experiencing the same maybe you should check ur phone!

If you have an iphone double click the center button and all the apps that are open will appear. Hold one icon until the ( - ) icon appear then u can just close all. Of it that way. I totally forgot about iphone's feature of multi tasking.

Oh well enjoy ur day!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Just wait and pray ;) good things will happen.

Making a video for work feels like im back in college! I miss Making video projects and such! Maybe ill upload it when it's done :)

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