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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Celebrating our Davita Day :) Bus trip to NYC

Last sunday, we went to NY with my co workers to celebrate Davita Day. We left around 7:30am and got there around 11:30am. Not too traffic. We had fun in the bus joking around. All i wanted to do was to visit the Wax museum coz I've never been there and besides we've been all over new york this year. Im just excited coz this time I'm not driving! lol.

Too bad my bheb couldn't come with us because he needs to go to work. Anyway. The bus dropped us off and we have to go back and meet up around 4:30pm. We went to Madame Tussauds and took tons of picture there I even bought a bag of candy and a shot glass for my collection! lol  It was fun and most of the wax figures there really look realistic! 
My phone was all i had for taking pictures, luckily in chinatown i was able to buy an extended battery pack, it was cool to finally have one since we always go out and go places and sometimes my battery would just drain so fast! I only bought it for $25 :)

 we only had limited time so we decided to go to china town for Lunch! We were about 14 in a group including kids and no one knows how to go to china town by subway, so we asked people around and luckily we managed to hop on the right way! 

We got to Hop-Kee one of the famous restaurant there in chinatown. Really good food, though my fish wasn't fully cooked it was delicious and the crab that my co worker ordered smells and looks soooooo yummy! next time when I go there i will definitely order that! That's my new favorite chinese restaurant in Chinatown. I'll give it 4 stars for the waiter seems to be rushing us and kinda rude, when we're ordering he asked us about out drinks and of course the little kid was thinking not even that long he turned around and walked away.

Anyway big servings! so make sure if you're not a big eater have somebody to share food with especially the fried rice!

It was fun riding the subway and thank God to that person who helped us out to find the right route since it's the weekend and there's some changes in the routes of the subway. Im so bad in taking directions so I was really thankful that he was going the same way and directed us.

we got back at the bus on time tho at first we were waiting at the wrong spot for about 30mins. For our dinner we had Shake Shack! wohooooooo 

french fries, champagne with orange juice c/o Kateryna, FLOAT! Cheeseburger :) busog!

Thanks ate analyn for coming!

Happy Birthday!

Overall, what a fun trip! hopefully there's more outings like this for us :)

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