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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 13. Good Friends Don't Let you do Stupid things, ALONE. :p

 STEPH ME KIM AND CINDY. They're my childhood friends. It's been more than 15 years guys. I remember moving to a different neighborhood, you guys were playing outside and i was jealous but really scared to approach you. I think steph was the first one to talk to me. Since then we had  a lot of adventures  Playing outside, Biking and going to other streets looking out for those cute boys playing basketball.

Remember when we were biking (three-wheeler) and because we're trying to get those boys attention we got into an accident and the bike flipped over? we were so embarrassed  lol We also got scratches and bruises in our knees but we successfully got their attention in a very embarrassing way!

Remember our first fight with those kids from the squatter! lol I think i had a really good stiff neck the next day and some scratches. I got most of the bullying because im half white. MISTISANG BANGUS, ANAK ARAW and all the other things they will call me but you guys were always there to fight for me, I was always the one to say stop and to not fight because guess what? at the end of the day even if im not the one who threw the stone and hurt somebody Im the only person they will remember. "yung mga kasama nung tisay!"

You remember the basketball court fight? hahahah while they were announcing the champions and the MVP we had a big fight with the same kids in the middle of the basketball court and the emcee was actually talking about us instead of the players lol 

How many times we had our intermission number there? we just make our own dance steps and at half time we'll dance and perform then a lot of dancers from all over the town started doing the same thing. We weren't even professional dancers back then lol we just wanted to have fun.

I experienced my first heartbreak with you guys and all my other HEARTBREAKS. Shared with you how my first kiss happened, All my firsts without judgement. We all talk about it and laughed about it. We are so comfortable with each other in any aspect of life that I even know exactly how your farts smell like lol but never did i farted in front of you guys haahhahahaha. I know for sure Kim's fart is the Silent killer!!! lol Tep and cindys are the loudest!

I can talk to you guys without feeling judged about all the wrong decisions i made. 

 We always stick together and always have each others back.

You remember our DANCE DANCE REVO craze?? lol how about the COUNTERSTRIKE team we made? We were actually competing with guys and some actually invited us to be part of their team. How cool is that? Then comes RAGNAROK! oh boys....

How about us joining those gangsters lol. hanging out with the Bloods and the mobsters hahahahah. LOL I can never forget how i got jumped with 13 girls! yes 13!!!! How many nights I sneaked out the house and go drinking at the park not minding the danger. 

The manila, batangas, cavite and all around Luzon trips! hahhaha. Just going to places for Ragnarok EBs (Eyeball) Ho many people we became friends with because of this Online game. How many boys we met and got their hearts broken? or the other way around.  ;p 

You are the MOST CRAZIES friends i ever had. You'll do things without caring of what other people would think or say. You even made me do PLANKING at the mall!!! I really miss you and there's a lot of memories that i can't talk about here. Though we don't talk as often as we would like you know im always here for you.

Thanks for giving me the good and the bad memories. I had a really good "TEEN LIFE" because of all our adventures together :)

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