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Sunday, March 10, 2013

I made my keurig work!! Lol

I have been going to starbucks and dunkin donut a lot!! And thats not good, my cousin gave me a keurig almost 2 years ago and i love it! But then lazyness kicks in and i wasn't able to use it for a while. I didn't know you had to descale it every three to six months and also clean the filters so it doesn't get clogged up. Oh well! So this morning i decided to give my keurig some love but for some reason it would just say "brewing" but nothing's coming out and it's just making noises but not really brewing so of course i started panicking. I called the customer service and they asked me if i ever watched the maintenance videos they have in their site and of course i said no so she said to try that option first and if my keurig still doesn't work to call them back.

So i cleaned the filter but didn't do the descaling since it's not taking any water at all so it wouldn't make sense to do that. So i cleaned the filter instead with the help of a paperclip (which they advised to use) i did all that and still my keurig won't work. I was getting really frustrated and decided to give them a call back, since my warranty is over the lady just offered me a $100 off (which is really nice) but i was really mad bec it was a gift to me and i don't really want to throw it away, so i searched online for other ways..

So i found this website that said if everything else fails try to remove the water reservoir and the flip the keurig upside down and give it a few "slap at the butt" lol so i did it the first time and still didn't work but i didn't give up so i tried it again but with a little bit more force still not working so i decided to descale it using vinegar even if it doesn't really take any water. So i put the white vinegar turned on my keurig wait a little while to let the water heat up then hit brew still no result did it again and finally!!! It started brewing! Lol i almost gave up but i didn't so there u go i have my keurig back!!!! Brewed most of the vinegar down till the "add water" showed up then i rinsed the water reservoir and kept my keurig on for 4hours (watch the maintenace video at the keurig website on how to descale ur keurig).

Now im very very happy.. ;)

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