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Monday, August 31, 2009

My side of story... PART 3

It took me a while to make the third part since I was too busy working and all other stuffs that's going on with my life...

So this new guy treated me nicely and we agreed that we'll just remain friends and just be happy. and I BELIEVED HIM. So i was going out with my friends, going out to movies and such and this guy made me believe it was just okay but after I leave the house, he cries in front of my cousins and make it look like he's the poor one left behind...

I was shocked one evening I went home from movies and my cousin in law approached me about how I'm treating him, and I was like, huh? what are you talking about? she said he cried when he found out I went with the movies with a guy friend back then.. OH COME ON. REALLY? dude you just knew me for a 2 weeks.. seriously? I got really annoyed with all the BS that's going on.

Another Chance. After not talking to him for a day he started to approach me again and here I go again believe and trust him like nothing happened. Made chores for me even if I didnt asked him to do so.. pretty good huh?

I wake up early to do all the morning household chores so i can sleep and well relaxed at night not realizing he's pretty smart to do the night shift dishes to make it look he did all the work in the house. Nice one. I hope i realized that sooner.

He asked me on the movie then made me paid for it. Good job. That was not supposed to be a big deal then after the movie got mad at me or acted up for some reason can't remember what then throw the money in the floor telling me that the payment for what i spent in the movie. Wow. You are very nice. I hate when you make favors for people then throw it back in your face just to make it look like they don't owe you anything. What if i don't have money that night and actually went out with him. Damn that would be embarrassing. DON"T ASKED ANYBODY OUT IF YOU CAN"T TAKE CARE OF IT. LET THEM ASKED YOU OUT INSTEAD.

but he was still the angel for them of course. He can really fool you with the innocent face.

a lot of lies went on and on. I was trying to make him realize he can be himself and just tell me the truth about everything that happened to him in the past anyway I don't really like making friends or getting close to someone who can't be themselves. If you don't have money, car or anything tell me you don't have one because you didn't worked and looked out for ur kids not because ur Ex spent all ur money and put you in a big debt. When in fact she was the one who's working afterall and paying all your bills. That's her car and not urs. How can you even pretend and lie in my face and think that im stupid not to figure out what's going on?

Well, it hurts that I have trusted you and tried to help you be urself and not be someone else you think you are.

Cousin in law and everybody pitty him from all the drama he got in the past and what's happening with us.She wants me for him and I simply don't like him but my big fault was fool around and make jokes about his feelings. How can you love a person who doesn't even love himself.

I was already inlove with someone before I met him and it was hard to shift the feelings but i tried and slowly giving him chances but he made it even harder when i finally saw all the bad sides. Temper tantrums. Attitudes in inappropriate places where you're supposed to have fun. Definitely a turnoff.

I was really the bad girl. Maybe I was or should i say I am. My biggest fault was telling him there's nothing more i can give but staying the same person I am to him everyday. Like you're not trying to make him fall but you have no choice but to be nice because he was doing favors and you feel guilty about it? That was my fault. I was weak.

Then cousin in law made a Big deal out of it. Then all the issues came out one by one... I didn't even imagined all those stuffs really mattered. But I was very surprised with the outburst of feelings she kept many months ago...

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