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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I got you! :)

ok! this blog has been on my draft for a long time and i figured I needed to give justice and make a little changes and finally post it!

I know it's a little late and prolly you guys are tired of me bragging about passing my NCLEX RN exam but let's face it's not a very easy experience and I waited long enough to achieve this and been dreaming of the moment when I can finally share my story, my struggles and finally the success I've been waiting for.

Some people won't have the guts to admit how many times they really took it, and I admire those people who don't care about what people would think about them or don't care if people will judge them.

Nclex is not easy. Nothing is easy. The first time I didn't make it I was depressed for months, I don't even want to see my books, i don't even want to talk about it. I got mad. I blamed everybody, I blamed myself for not doing my best for thinking I never failed anything why would i fail this one? and then it happened and I got devastated, i felt all the money I spent and worked hard for, all went straight to trash.

I was embarrassed. I felt down. I got paranoid. I felt maybe I'm stupid? or dumb. I felt all the negative emotions. Then months passed i realized, wait. I am not going to get old and die not having a license, I worked hard for 4 years and I'm not giving up on this one! lol.

If I survived Sir Corpus(prof in NCM 104) Maam Weandy, Sir Manio (Prof in Pharmacology), and all those major subjects not mentioned, I'll survive anything! lol

I went back to my books, saved money and searched for a good review that would help me.

KAPLAN- practice questions were good but lack of content in my opinion. When I attended the class they just read questions and explained how they got the answer but no formal Med Surg on actual class. (didn't go through all my online review so i don't know that part) lol

Books: Saunders Comprehensive review.- I love the CD! but I suck at reading books just few pages you'll see me starting to fall asleep! So what I did was I answer questions then if I have questions I go to the book.

Mosby's Pharmacology Memory Note Cards : the best Pharmacology book I have ever had! I'm a visual learner and this books contains drawings, colors, and some comic type stories that's fun and very helpful for me to remember side effects and indications! If you're a visual learner you have to have this!

RN notes clinical pocket guide: a very tiny book that you could bring anywhere if you need to scan or try to memorize labs or some simple procedures.

HURST REVIEW (ONLINE): I owe it to them Big time! they have sets of handouts which you can print per topic or if you want the whole book itself. I prefer printing it topic per topic. You know why? Coz when I print the whole thing and I see it it seems so much for me to study all those stuffs. I printed it topic per topic at the end I was amazed how much pages I read and finish without even realizing it.

Iphone/Pod application (saunders): it's everywhere with me. When I don't have nothing to do and don't have my books with me I answer questions!

Feuer and Kaplan Audio: I listen to them while at work (Saturdays). Thanks to my super duper nice Supervisor letting me review while working :) i listen to them OVER and OVER! a super helpful forum for people like me, I got so much info's from that site and answered questions!

So now, I need to wait for my endorsement to finally be over and get my license for Connecticut since I have NY license. Another waiting process but hey! I waited 2 years what's few more weeks?

All the missed parties, gimiks, and outings are worth it! finally I can do stuffs that I have been wanting to do for a long time but I don't have time! Photography, blogging, pictorials, videos.

Super thanks to everybody that lighted candles and prayed for this success. It's worth it.

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