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True love does not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.



Monday, June 7, 2010

Let's talk about LOVE.

Some love are naturally perfect, Some you have to work hard to make it perfect...

I fell in love so many times before, sometimes with the same person over and over again...and from those I learned so many lessons, earned so many heartaches too.

Sometimes you ask life so many questions like why cupid is unfair? You fall in love with a person that doesn't love you back or you can't love somebody who love you enough.

Things happen like you love each other so much but you can't be together because there's a lot of people involved that might get hurt if you decide to be together or you fell in love with the same sex and things got so complicated (generally speaking).

Why can't it be just You love him, He loves you. That's it. No complications. No heartaches.

Well I think that's the main challenge of love. Overcome all trials... work hard to make it happen and make it go on and on.

How bout soul mates? yes. I do believe I have a soul mate. I did found him, I believed from the very first time in my life that it's really is true. You really have this person that comes in your life and everything seems to be perfect. Like you fall in love everyday you see him. You feel those butterflies in your stomach whenever you imagine him, his kiss, his touch, his voice. Then suddenly in the end, the devil makes you doubt it. makes you think if this is real? No. it's too perfect to be real. Then you get scared. You get weak and then temptation sinks in then you just realized you got sucked in and you ruined everything.

You try fixing it. But as the old saying says when you break the trust you can't have it back anymore the way it was like a crumpled paper. There's this thought that it's never perfect anymore and it's not gonna be perfect no matter what you do. You come to think he doesn't deserve you anymore.

That's when you realize you have to move on. You have to let it go. Even how much it will hurt you.

They say it takes a full year or more to move on. Why? because of all the holidays, the dates and all the celebration. I believe when love is great it never lose a place in your heart.

Me? I find somebody to help me move on. In a way your using that person but if he loves you, it's fair enough to give it a try and maybe he can heal your heart or I find somebody wanting to move on, so that we can move on together and make new memories together.

Some love are challenged by distance. Others by the past love of their loved ones trying to compete with the past. Whatever it is, always think that even a tiny bit reason to fight for it, DO it. Hold on as much as you can. Then when every single solution fails. You let go.

I'm a kind of person that's challenged with the past. That's my thing. I try to do everything and prove that I'm better, that I'm more worth pursuing and I'm lucky to be successful.

I learned a lot from the past long relationships and this relationship i have right now is worth fighting for. It has its ups and downs but everything work out in the end. He's amazing in so many ways and I never imagined he will turned out to be that guy I always wanted in my life. and I can say I'm finally letting go of all the past. They're just memories now. Lessons learned.

It's been almost a year now. Thank you Lord for giving me memorable relationships. I'm still working on my fairytale and my own happy ending.

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