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True love does not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.



Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stage 2: Anger

what happen close open??? well i just received few text messages from him on chikka and i was not happy with what He actually said. Do you ever think huh??? Oh my. You can ask me anything why i did this and that, and if you're not happy that you're on my "LALAB" photo album then it's fine. "Pkunswelo de bobo??" what a word. Bobo ka?? definitely not coz if you are do you ever think that I will choose you to be my boyfriend before?? I even courted you remember??? Yeah right guys I was the one who was actually pushed myself for him to like me.

Mahilig ka lng mgtangatngahan at magbobobobohan. Masyado kang naiinsecure sa mga taong alam mong hinahangaan ko even before pa n ngkaroon tyo ng relationship. Edi sana sa kanya nlng ako ng full effort at hindi na kita pinatulan. NOBODY can ever love and APPRECIATE me the way that you did. Hindi rin ako ngeexpect na maiintndhan mo pa every word na sinsabi ko sayo. Three things,

You know how to love wholeheartedly and you're smart and talented. I cant do anything about how my feelings changed do i have to say that over and over again? I understand, you're upset, you're mad and by now siguro isang milyong beses mo na akong minumura. Yeah maybe ako lahat sumira ng lahat lahat. I admit it. I lost the most perfect relationship I ever had. I just asked for time. and you're not fine with that gs2 mo pasukin buong buhay q, i can't do that. Yeah flattering na halos or lahat ng plans mo nandun ako pero hey, you have sean, u have ur own life, dream for ur own first. Your own success. And Alm mo sino ang priority at this moment of my life. kung may dumating man na mamahalin ka at mamahalin mo then go for it (okay madrama ung part n yun).

Never kitang tinratong never akong ngsalita ng masama against you. You earned my respect na alam kong sa sobrang hate mo sken ngyon baka nga nilagyan m nko ng buntot at sungay... Alam mo yun??? naiisip ko lagi pano kita nsaktan gaano ako nging mean sayo lahat lahat ngrerewind sa utak ko lahat lhat. LAHAT ng plans and lahat ng dreams na binuo ko sa life ko nandun ka, lahat ng steps at decision ko nandun ka, sa pinaka down moment ng life ko, sa tingin mo ba gnun kadali lahat i let go un??? Someday maiintndhan m rin maiisip mo rin lahat lahat kung bakit bakit bakit.

P.S may trabaho nko gs2 ko lng ishare.

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