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Monday, July 21, 2008

JUBILAEUS! nyahaha

well, how's life so far? nyahaha I know some of you already find a job that's too far from what should we be doing while waiting for the result of the exam but what could we do? the hospitals don't have much to offer... lol! Some are already starting their path as nurses! yeaaahhh! and some are kinda being hopeless coz they feel like kinda hopeless coz they can't start doing what they want to do for a lot of reasons... well first, guys come on give ur self a BREAK nyhaha unless u really need the money to support ur family or buy the things u want using ur own money... but 2months of a jobless life is not bad,, really... we've been studying for almost 16years of our life that's a lot of time compared to 2 months of taking a break and relaxing and somewhat feel LIFE... besides, when u start working that's it! you'll be working and working and working... YOU deserve to take a break... we all do... It's easy to say huh? hahaha I'm also feeling that way that its kinda depressing that I'm already 1month staying here and still jobless and plus the fact that I'm away from the people that I love, from the things that I used to do... it really sucks you know.


My life cycle here is kinda boring, like wake up @ 10am, clean, prepare breakfast for the Kids, read a little bit, watch TV/movies, read a little bit, go to the soccer fireld with the kids, EAT EAT EAT! read read read, surf the net... lol sleep around 3am! then another day cycle, plus dinner and lunch @ mall or some resto... Finding a job here is easy but Finding the RIGHT JOB is kinda different, since nurses should have a LICENSE woah... and they are expensive and ur kinda prone to depression nyahaha if you get what I mean... just waiting for my ATT to be delivered here and if I pass? woah I'll be the happiest person haha and if hmmmm just please visit me in my funeral... hahahaha lolzzz.. after the exam I'll probably start looking for a job...

WHAT MOTIVATES ME IS FIRST, MY FAMILY, then mY friends coz I'm really missing them a lot! then the different GADGETS lol! hahahah

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