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Monday, June 9, 2008

Second Trip to Guam

wooot... It's been a while since I last updated my blog... ayun... masaya naman ang buhay so far. Nkapag swear nq and nakapg pirma sa airforce kaya no chance for me to backout... when the recruiter told us about the things we need to do when we already got back here in PI, it really made me feel edgy sa mga bagay bagay na pwedeng mangyari in my life... although it would really need a lot of patience because basic training is usually done during October and December so in other words 4 to 6months of waiting here. Then when I was already in the plane going back here daming bagong plans na pumapasok sa isip q hanggang sa hnd ko na alam kung anong gs2 kong gawin hahaha... Like magwork muna for few months sa states while I'm waiting for the air force to call me for basuc. So I asked gracee if she can call Sgt. Rodriguez and tell him about my plans of leaving because I'm afraid that it will affect my status in the air force since my sign in country is here in PI. My cousin will lend me some money for my ticket but I'm still waiting for my recruiters decision if he will let me leave.

Ayun... about the 2nd trip sa Guam... mas Okay kc I have someone with me and we had a lot of fun together! especially the lakwatsa moments and the food trips! We can order food in the hotel but not more than $20 each per meal... ayun katakawan nghati kami sa meal kc super dami ng servings kaya gnwa nmen ng order kami ng maraming desserts! hahahah

Sumakay kami ng mga trolley for $6 whole day na yun ikot ikot sa mga shopping malls... Then pag gabi na punta sa bar sa hotel tpos kunin nmen ung welcome drinks namen then ayun haha nalasing ako dun sa "Sex on the beach" ang tapang d q carry ung lasa but it's cool kc ladies drink tlga... anyway super daming pics and super enjoy naman hnd ako masyado na depress...

Like I said I was going to re take the test and try to get a much higher grade well Thank God because natupad naman prayers ko and I got the list of jobs that I really wanted and they are all medical related. MedyO parang gs2 ko ngang i try ung mga kakaibang jobs pero late na nung naisip ko un! hehe

Nkakabadtrip lang kc nabgyan lng kami ng 30mins to shop sa loob ng base! haller as if nman makakpamili ako ng 30mins! grrrrr... oun okay naman atleast safe trip...

What I like the most dun sa trip eh nung ngfeed kami ng fish as in sa mababaw lang ang daming iba't ibang fish! pero nakkafreak out kc sobrang dami nila feeling ako na kakainin nila hahaha!

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